Changes to make for the next month

Rightyo. We suck. Particularly up forward.

My ins for the next month of footy. Even if their not ready or out of touch.

Play young Gown at CHF. Alongside Stringer and Orazio.

Daniher, Hooker and Tippa make up the rest.

Down back bring in Hartley to partner with Hurley and Ambrose. Then put Mcgrath, Saad and Redman in to join them. Harts can body the strong forwards.

The middle six: Zmerrett, Shiel, Francis(yes on a wing) , Heppell, Parish and Bellchambers.

The Bench: Smith(managed), Guelfi, Clarke(D) and young Hams.

Zaharakis and Myers to the twos where they can get leather poisoning whilst we blood some kids. They are â– â– â– â– â– â– . Endemic of our malaise.

Then we set and forget until we have guys like Brown, Mckernan, Laverde available.

Even if we dont win a game we find out about Gown, Hams, Dylan Clarke.

Essendon can only be better in the long term.

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So tank?

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Don’t want to see Myers or Bags get another game for starters. Put any guys who need surgery in early and write off the season

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McKernan Lav Brown Stewart back in 2 weeks.

Don’t need to wait a month

Change our forward setup in response to not having a marking target.

At the moment when our backs/mids win the footy (and let’s not ignore that they are still quite good at doing that), we try and slow the ball movement up to allow a tall plus 3-4 smalls get back into our F50. First flaw in that is that slowing up the ball movement leaves us susceptible to pressure from opposition mids/forwards. Second flaw is that opposition backs have time to get back and set up as well.

I would sit Stringer, Raz and Tippa (rotate Smith, Merrett and hell even given McGrath a bash) across the forward edge of the centre square when the ball is in the D50. And sit fkn wide, don’t allow their players to peel off. As the ball comes in, have them drift back towards our F50, staying wide and going no further than 30-35m to goal. Have our mids just fkn hustle the ball forward through the middle, and then either hit a leading target for a shot 35-40 out, or shoe it into space and back the blokes to win the 1-on-1 on the ground to get either a shot on goal or create a stoppage.

When Daniher is back, do the same thing but have him start 20-25m out from goal for more space to lead into, taking marks at CHF and either pinging it at goal from there or hitting a small in the pocket.

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Play the kids? Lol, have you not been paying attention?

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Out: Clarke, Ham, Myers, Francis
In: Daniher, Begley, Langford, Ridley

Out - kingbeano

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A few better kicks.
Get a couple of our actual forwards back.

That wins us ANZAC day and probably this one.

That probably looks like JD, Ridley & Langford for Guelfi, Myers and Francis.

I think they need to invest now in some senior games for a couple of promising kids…

I want to see a couple of kids play who at least know their position.

I know we dont any 200 gamers, but our closest(Zaka) sucks.

So you’ve sent Conor back to Ireland?
That’s a bit extreme.

no, but he hasnt been brilliant.

Langford or Myers shouldn’t play another game.

Only in extreme injury circumstances.

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I want to play likely kids and still salvage the year

No changes for mine.

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we ain’t winning a game at the moment.

what do they say. definition of insanity or is it stupidity to keep doing the same.things and expect a different outcome.

we could have an undiscovered gem on the list. just needs the challenge at AFL level.

we have an unbeaten VFL side. they should be BANGING down the door to play in a seniors side travelling at 3-5

VFL side got well beaten today.

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Anyone who can kick stays for mine.

well true zaka can kick the pill.

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