Changes v Brisbane - round 4, 2019 - the speculation thread

So if we name the team as per media “leaks”, are we sooooooo getting fined?

Forum lacks Simmo’s Disparaging Anecdotes About a Brisabane Player and no one has enquired about the location of the team.

Not good enough.

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Melbourne need to move McDonald back to defence. He is arguably better behind the footy and bring in Preuss to alternate with Gawn out of the square. But who gives a rats about them. Hopefully we can take their place in the top 4 !


Why does it not surprise me with this coaching group. If this happens it will be a disgrace. We are coming off a win FFS.

Im not sure what the coaches have against young players.

No point getting het up until the team is announced, but if Franga misses then it can only be because he’s sore. If not he should stay in and I’d be inclined to bring in Hooker to play forward in Smack’s place and get some match fitness.

I keep looking at TBC and thinking he can’t be completely fit given how he lumbers around the ground. I’d be inclined to rest him and bring in Draper to team up with Clarke.

And if Guelfi is to miss then Redman is a good replacement.


In: Hooker, Brown, Redman
Out: Smack, FRANG, Mutch (all injured/rested)

Won’t be seeing Draper for a while I reckon

Swap Brown/Hooker back or forward as needed

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Jimmy Hird had a similar philosophy. As I understand it, a certain number of experienced players are required, so that when challenged, structures do not fall apart because younger players tend throw the game plan out the window when challenged. Just what that number is I have no idea. It depends on the list ( experience) profile at any given time. Its why senior leaders like Hooker walk back in, not having played for 6 months, while a debutante is more likely to get into a stable side mid year when the game plan is bedded down even after he has been BOG in the 2s for weeks.


Correct. On every line, there is the required experience - if possible.


I’m not sure why everyone wants Brown in …He was terrible in the twos last week and not one of his goals was from a mark. It was all ground ball work against a sub standard side. Despite being injured Stewart looked well ahead of him.
Hooksey needs to play forward to give us structure. Smack gave us structure last week but Brown won’t. Brown is a runner, not a contested mark beast.

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We need them both in. Even if Brown plays back.

Brown suffered in our first few games as ball movement / efficiency was terrible. Would have killed it versus Melbourne across half forward.

Fact they can be switched accordingly is a plus.

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Probably because we’re lacking in tall forwards at the moment. Would you have Hartley come in and Hooker fwd, maybe?

Prefer Hooker in the back half and Brown up front than Hartley anywhere near the side…


Those changes look like for like and positionally I don’t hate them.
Looking at it another way, three young and one old out, three old and one young in…not so much.

Still okay, though.

Is there any evidence of this actually working?

Seems strange we would run with such an inexperienced Leadership group if this were the case.

I think there’s a bit of evidence that young inexperienced sides can struggle.

Though I agree, they do have a very tall lanky inexperienced forward - (McKierny?) that may suit Hartley, and Hooker forward may not be the worst move. I’d still go Brown fwd, Hooker back though.

Why was he dropped if this is the case?

It happens in all teams where possible. The young leadership group is a way to give responsibility, accountability, experience in ‘leading’, while the older more experienced players will lead anyway.

Happy to back in any changes that are made this week, I would’ve pulled the trigger on half the side last week including a few blokes that were arguably best on ie zaka, I was shut up pretty quick. . Though we won’t all agree on who comes in for who, I’m sure they have their reasons, matchups fitness etc
Might be In the minority but Myers if in will have a big impact against a smaller lions midfield where he can put he’s size to use, is found wanting a bit against the larger bodied midfielders like rich, pies.


McInerney is a ruckman who’ll rest forward. I would have significant concerns around Hartley getting isolated on Hipwood at some stage late in the game and losing the game in a couple of contests. He just panics time and again. Mitch Brown may not win you the game but Harltey could absolutely lose it for you. I’m happy to have Brown up front just to create a contest and bring the ball to ground for our smalls to go to work.