Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Zerk says “i don’t need to tackle numbskull, when I can intercept mark”. He was good, as was Rids. Mynott I can’t comment.


Nah, I’m pretty sure tackles is the only important stat. Cannons for the lot of them I’m afraid.


Out-Hurley(injured), Parish(wishes he was injured) Goddard(plays like he is in a full body cast), Laverde(zero tackles to go with his zero impact) and Stringer(looks like Lance Whitlan in a bombers guersey).
In-Ridley, Clarke, Langford, Long and Guelfi or any other forward who can put any kinda pressure on.
Despite what’s Campbell says, season is stuffed. Time to play some younger players, current group ain’t taking us forward.


Better throw Francis in the pile too then :laughing:


Nah, i already knew the top few of the VFL were better than some in the AFL. But thanks


Leave them in the same position on the ground for the whole game back then forward then back then forward…imagine the confusion in the opposition box!


On form alone only Smack Hooker, Smith Mutch McKenna and Raz should survive

Most will laugh but I’d play Zerk in place of Hurley if the coach (LOL) wants to go with a tall to replace him

He’s not ready yet as he’s a skinny bugger but what the heck. The guy will be a player. Geelong have played kids this season. Whats to lose?


You had to be impressed with his performance on Sunday. Looked like an excellent prospect.


I looked at 2016 draft the other day…the guy who was picked up straight after Much is ripping it up for Geelong.

They say talls take longer and mids come on quicker. But when it comes to Essendon, no one develops quicker.

Ratugolea is going to kick 6 and we are going to look like idiots.


That’s when September ends


If you want to judge football by the stats sheet yeah

The amount of times per game he visibly shirks a contest is staggering, on top of that he has and will never play with any sort of accountability for an opponent


All I went them to do is make sure Geelong know they played a game. No more of this soft, nice guy attitude. No more players with 0 or 1 tackles at the end of the game. No more turning away in indifference when a teammate is being hassled or tagged.

I don’t care about the score - one step at a time. Please, at least do that! It’s the minimum I expect.


If you are going to have A LOT of changes and bring in a heap of kids then expect to go back to 2016 where we were copping beatings but getting games into kids. As long as the fans can accept that, then fine.
I personally think team changes should be about rewarding good form.
For me bring in Clark, Langford and Green. Possibly Guelfi as well. Out goes Myers, Tippa and Parish.
If The Ranga plays another two games like he did on Sunday then he comes in as well. Maybe Dea for Bags as well. Bags has been as diabolical as anyone else.


play the kids


I don’t care what those bl**dy stats say - I know what I saw…

And don’t get me started on that climate change cr*p - I put a jumper on this morning! What would those scientists know anyway…


100% spot on - Did the job on Hogan and Gunston - And look what Hogan and Gunston did the week before and the week after - And Ambrose was OK against Curnow.


Actually Geelong have adopted a different approach in the last few weeks - They don’t press up high when they have the ball in the forward half, always hold 2 players behind the last opposition player, and usually play safe from defence - EFC needs to do two things to upset this - One is to hold forwards back and when they get the ball in the back half they need to be aggressive and run with hands to get the Geelong defenders out of their starting positions.


Ahhh, the country festival. The Black Sorrows performing outside the G and the red and black ones “performing” inside it.


Drop Ambrose. He’s not afl standard.


Out: Baguley, McNeice, Mutch, Hurley, Laverde

In: Ridley, Clarke, Guelfi, Hartley, Langford

Ridley, Clarke, Guelfi and Langford have earned their spot with consistent VFL performances. Hartley to replace Hurley.