Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad

  1. Earn your spot in the team, I don’t care who you are, if you don’t play well, then someone who does gets your spot
  2. Back up your team mates. If there is two Geelong blokes getting stuck into one of ours, get there until it is 4 of us to two of them. Pay the fine, God knows most of you are overpaid at the moment. They will soon focus on Footy if they know they can’t niggle.
  3. If they tag someone, that bloke is going to have a tough day at the office. Everyone is expected to get stuck into him at every opportunity.

The basics for this week. Get this right we can move on next week with more.


Out - Thymosin
In - Thymosin b4


Holding 2 players behind the last opposition player-achievable because they can rely on Selwood, Danger to win the contested ball. Hopefully we don’t fall into the trap of having extra numbers around the ball.


May be we forfeit this one while we unravel which game plan to use.


No put them out to vote on


Out: Goddard; Tippa; Hurley (injured); Baguley; Stringer; McNeice; Myers; Parish; McKernan

In: Langford; Redman, Guelfi; Long; Clarke; Ridley; Hartley; Francis; Jerrett

FB: Ambrose; Hartley; Saad
HB: Ridley; Francis; McKenna
C: Redman; Zerrett; Long
R: Bellchambers; Heppell; Smith
HF: Laverde; Stewart; Zaharakis
FF: Fanta; Hooker; Guelfi
Int: Clarke; Mutch; Langford; Jerrett


With Hurls out, launching attacks only off halfback is pretty much out.
We simply must allow the defenders to set up, and the midfield has to run both ways and tackle like crazy to take their share of the load.
In tacklers, out those who refuse to tackle.



Has reverted to the bad habits that saw him dropped to the VFL 2 or 3 times at the Dogs.

Some guys need carrot.
Some guys need stick.


Hurley’s been awful this year in my opinion.


He had a great last quarter against Adelaide.


Redman is injured, Francis is not match fit and Jerrett should never ever play seniors for the club again.


What’s wrong with Redman? Jerrett is showing good form in the 2s, so should be given another opportunity in the 1s if one arises, and it has.


Redman sore knee, according to the VFL President Paul Cousins.

Jerrett another opportunity? In my opinion he’s had enough.


That is the problem with our club. How many chances do you keep giving a bloke before you put a line through him and try someone else. Couldn’t care if he racks up 40 touches every week in the VFL as everytime he has had a chance in the ones he has been apalling. Time to move on and give someone else a go


Outs: Hurley (inj), Baguely, McNeice, Tippa, Stringer. Laverde/Myers are next to be dropped after this week if underperforming.
Ins: Langford, Clarke, Guelfi, J.Merrett (or Green if fit) and Hartley

Francis in next week when fully fit.


I dont think Hurley out makes as big of a difference as some are suggesting, he has been just about a liability in 1 v 1’s and hasnt been hitting targets the other way
I’d be happy enough with Dea to replace him, not ultra skillful but very handy defensively unlike the entire rest of our backline

Baguley is gone, done, cooked I love the guy and it kills me but he’s gotta go
McGrath if fit or Ridley gets his chance

I’d happily drop any 1 of Heppell, Zaharakis or Myers (if we had guys to bring in i’d drop all 3)
Heppell has barely gotten a kick within 20mtrs of the target all year
Zakka is a squib and been over-rated since the dawn of time
Myers is slow and also doesnt hit many target (on the occasion he looks before kicking)
All 3 provide nothing defensively
If any of these were to go out it would be Myers but either way…
Clarke must come in!!!

Goddard either needs a spell or is cooked i cant really decide which
Guelfi back in please

In: Dea, Guelfi, Clarke, McGrath/Ridley
Out: Hurley, Goddard, Baguley, Myers

Beyond that you still have Tippa looking very very sore
Smack probably not required
Laverde not doing enough
And there is basically a case to drop every player in the side apart from Smith really
Not sure who else comes in, Green and Begley available yet?


I wonder if Hurley is injured. Hasn’t he got a problem with his hands?


why smack?


Pull your head in.

Did well on Hogan.
Did well on Gunston.
Beaten, but not disgraced by Curnow.

All 3 are very good players.


Who plays on Danger if he starts deep forward ?