Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Out - Hurley, Myers, Bagley, Parish
In - Ridley, Clarke, Green, Langford

I’d be playing Laverde up the ground and giving Smack some more ruck time. Need so more pace in that forwardline.


I would actually bring in Zerk to play on the Rat. As a one week project. Sheedy would do it.

Hooker to Hawkins. Ambrose to Crameri.

Play Clarke, Langford and Long.


We have to find the sweet spot for the number to bring in, so we dont completely destroy what team cohesion there is. I would say a maximum of 4,
In: Clarke, Dea,Ridley, Guelfi.
Out: Hurls tippa, Laverde , Parish.


He’s still not Afl standard.


Hurley is a liability glad he is out.


Out: Hurley (Injured), Stringer (injury), Myers, McNeice, Tipa

In: Hartley, Langford, Clarke, Guelfi, Long,


Good question. Probably a bit unfair to drop smack. Just got a bit trigger happy with the drop button.


Hawkins is going to take out all his tribunal anger over the cheats players getting let off tonight on poor Ambrose.

He already gets plenty of frees from the umpires too so we cant even lay a hand on him while hes ragdolling our defenders.





Has to be Hooker…surely ?


Why is nobody suggesting Hartley

Brought back THE FIST in the vfl last week, got a haircut, leading by example. Basically just bring in him, zerk and FRANGA


If there’s anything worse than on field Essendon atm, it is surely idiots calling for Jackson Merrett to get another chance. May as well recall Neeld as well!


out: 4:35pm start time

in: get ■■■■■■■ real


We do have guys to bring in.

Heppell - Langford. Play the inside outside role that Heppell plays but with a much better kick. Is equally good overhead as Heppell.

Zaharakis - Guelfi. Can get the ball on the outside, wont shirk a contest, neat skills.

Myers - Clarke. This needs no words. This has to happen.


I’m inclined to agree, but it’s more about the message.

If you perform well in the 2s, you replace someone who’s not performing well in the 1s, and vice versa, regardless of history if you’re on the senior list. If your performance in the 1s continues to suck, you get dropped off the senior list. Encourages everyone on the list to put in their best performance whether they’re playing in the 1s or 2s.

As opposed to what’s currently happening where certain players can continue to put in poor performances in the 1s, and stay there, and likewise for players continually putting in good performances in the 2s.


we need to ascertain where we are at - exactly. What are we trying to achieve? Then selection becomes much easier.

That said - I have NFI what we are going to spew out on Thurs night, and even less idea on Sat.


See, I think this has been the problem since early last year. Past results and list profile (with Jobe et al still around then) suggested this wasn’t a 22 that was going to go top 4 or win a flag. Results since then and particularly this year have suggested this isn’t a 22 that was going to go top 4.
To me, that suggested (from early last year) continued experimentation with new faces, gettjng games into Langford, Begley, Mutch et al.
Yet we’ve continued to select virtually all the same old guys (bar the ones that retired), as if they’re a side on the verge of winning a flag. At best, the selectors are out of touch with where the side’s really at. At worst, hugely arrogant.

And I can only guess how it must feel for kids like Lang, stuck in the 2s, putting in good performances every week, and seemingly forgotten about entirely. I can’t imagine the list is happy and united right now.

Add the gameplan shambles on top of all of that?


So, new confusing gameplan. Not quite coming together. Sure, tell the guys you are going to stick with the best 22 regardless of results and get the gameplan right.

However, now the season is gone. Fine.

Now you get out of the side anyone not going to be around for long. Bring in the kids. Start playing the gameplan that you want to play, with the team that are going to be playing it into the future.

So I maintain that selection last week was the low point for the club. The loss to Meh Carlton led to the sacking of Neeld. We should continue that upswing at selection by moving on to the next stage of our footy clubs future and PLAY THE KIDS!



Blitz: play the kids

Nek minnit
Out: parish, mutch


How sensible is Hartley’s new haircut?