Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


your dreaming if your going to take smack out!


Or the selectors don’t have faith in Dodoro’s recent draft selections.

I’m all for giving them games to test them out, but the odds of more than 1 or 2 of those currently playing in the VFL being 100 game players is slim.


The big change is yet to be announced. ( if they announce it at all)
Who will support Worsfold as his right hand man in the coaches box ?.

Logic says it should be Harvey, far far more experience than anyone else on the coaching group actual game day coaching experience .
Probable result : Rob Harding. Opposition Analyst.


In: Fletcher - defensive line coach, Harvey moves to Neelds role.
Out Neeld


Why do you say this? Let alone with such conviction?

When they line up against VFL guys, they play well. When any of them have been tried in the AFL, they’ve looked good. There’s certainly slim odds that they’ll all be good AFL players, but they deserve their shot… particularly when the competition is freaking Jerrett and Smack.


experience vs talent.
Mark Neeld was an experience pick.
Jerrett & Smack were experience picks.
Hot take: sometimes there’s a reason guys have been around forever without getting a chance


Remember 2016 and the list was mostly kids and we still didn’t play the kids all that much?

You’re dreaming if you think we’ll have more than one unforced change this week.


OUT: Hurley
IN: Hartley

I guess I’m down. Hurley has been putrid this season and we haven’t won a game without Hartley.

I’m just really hoping for Myers out and Clarke in though. At least.


I’d start again this week. Pick the best team, without worrying about who’s in and out. Let’s get the balance right.

And unfortunately for McKernan that means I’m going back to Hooker forward. Stewart isn’t a #1 key forward, so moving Hooker forward takes the pressure off him. Hooker, Stewart and Stringer, with Fantasia, Smith and Tippa (if fit) is a good starting point.

In defence I’m going to back Ambrose and Hartley in the key posts, with Ridley to get a shot as 3rd tall. And Saad, McKenna and (ideally McGrath, but since injured) Guelfi as the smaller defenders. Not sure on Guelfi in this role, but not a lot of options. If Redman was fit I’d probably have him here. If Francis was ready is have him in the 3rd tall spot, and then perhaps Ridley here.

Then we have the midfield spots, there’s about 9 left once I’ve added Bellchambers, and ideally I’d get Langford and Clarke in. Obviously Merrett, Heppell, Zaharakis, Parish and Mutch will be there, and Goddard and Long to balance out with a bit of experience and a bit of youthful enthusiasm/pace.

Who have I missed? Someone obvious I reckon.

Ins: Ridley, Hartley, Guelfi, Langford, Clarke, Long
Outs: Hurley, McKernan, Myers, McNiece, Baguley, Laverde

It’s a lot of changes, but I prefer the balance.

Laverde needs to go and play midfield in the 2s in my opinion.


In: Long, Clarke, Ridley Guelfi, Langford Hartley
Out: McNeice (omitted), Hurley (inj), Baguley (omitted), laverde (time for midfield in 2s), Stewart (rested), Mutch (had a taste back to 2’s)

B: Saad Hartley Ambrose
HB: McKenna Ridley Tippa
C: Guelfi Clarke Long
HF: Goddard Hooker Stringer
F: Z Merrett McKernan Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Zaharakis Smith
Int: Heppell, Myers Langford Parish

Emg: Francis, Laverde, Jerrett

Positional moves

  • Tippa to half back provide some run. - Tippa, Saad, Mckenna all excitement machines.
  • Goddard HFF, get free run and collect and hit up targets inside 50.
  • Z Merrett Small forward swap on Ball with Devon Smith when tired.
  • Hooker Forward, Stewart rested, Hartley in to play on Tommahawk.
  • Long and Guelfi in on wings to provide run and carry and speed.

Yep there are probably arguments for Laverde and Mutch to stay in, and Myers and Goddard and Parish and half the side to go.
If we need another tall defender, then Francis to come in to selected side.

Coaching advice

  • Tippa to come in off the square and line up Dangerfield.
  • Launch attacks from defence with Connor, Tippa, saad run it out.
  • McKernan to crash packs and Harry Taylor


Quite like this team, I would keep Stewart in though and I think Hooker needs to play back on Hawkins.


Happy for the changes but have to laugh - diversion 101 EFC style:

  • Play debutants
  • Signing players
  • New major sponsor/s
  • New big off field appointment


Ok, so Ridley and Clarke are in due to forced changes. As the only player I know that is injured is Hurley, I suspect Clarke is in for Neeld!


exactly right. The club can ‘communicate’ all it likes, woosha has gone from we are here to win a flag, then to be a great team, to a good team etc.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind the club thought it was in premiership territory as late as early this season. No doubt at all.


I think Green will be in.

So looking at Ridley, Clarke, Green and I guess Hartley for Hurley?

Who will make room for these guys?


would be awesome if Guelfi makes the team too this weekend.


$100 says Mutch is out. If I know my Essington well they’ll be dropping the least performed kid to make way for another kid, as opposed to dropping say, any of the underachieving plodders.


if a statement isnt made at selection this week, huge alarm bells should be ringing all around the club.

These blokes are fighting for their careers and are going to set us back the best part of a decade if we leave em there.


Imagine if it’s
OUT:Hurley, Myers/Bags
IN: Riddley, Clarke

Myers almost has all our centre clearances on his own so I don’t see him being dropped yet. Should be Bags.

Would think that Guelfi should come in for Tippa as well, that’s it for this week.


So many Blitz-tropes in one post! Magnificent effort that - what about the 15 years of mediocrity though? Unlucky to miss the cut IMO.