Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


It’d be funny if it wasn’t true.


Many people thought this.


Laverde was the worst performed player


Langford for Laverde please. Leave Bags in to show him solidarity, also because he will give 100% on someone like Menzel. While its tempting to bring a few in, realistically we need to present an experienced core to have a chance against Geelong. Myers needed in the midfield for his size and strength. Hooker might find himself forward this week due to lack of Geelong talls up forward. Just try a free things, Woosha and don’t be so predictable! All we want is an honest, ballsy performance from the boys - and lots of tackles!


I saw Mutch walking off with Doc Reid this morning at training fwiw


Licha is this weeks Bomber legend. What a player he could have been if not for injuries.


Out: Laverde
In: Don’t care


IN: Langford, Clarke, Ridley, McGrath
OUT: Myers, Mutch, Hurley, Parish

C: McGrath Langford Heppell
FOLL: Belly Clarke McKenna

Langford and Heppell provide the marking targets through midfield that we never have with the smaller midfielders, Clarke does the grunt work and McGrath and McKenna provide the much needed speed we need to chase and attack.


Geelong mate just contacted me. Not happy. He simple stated “Farking great. Your team’s turned to ■■■■ and had the blowtorch turned on it the week they play us. Thank you very farking much. We are going to get burnt.” I agree with him. This may actually be worth watching.


McGrath won’t return according to Crow, Parish stays in.



How longs he out?


According to Crow they’ll see how he goes after this week. Tight calves. ??


Strange injury for a young bloke.

Hope he’s back soon.


took a knock, holding a vigil so mcgrath can find his way home.


Can’t wait to watch us play Clarke on the HFF.


Clarke is allot bigger than I thought.


Guelfi in and Parish out please

Guelfi has a higher average disposals in his 3 games than parish in his last 3 games


parish has a higher average disposals across his career, than guelfi does in his.


Parish’s form is a direct result of our poor coaching.


One thng i dont want to see is Essendon supporters bagging Crameri. Really good bloke who’s been dealt a few rotten football hands. Thankfully the Cats gave him a life line and he’s making the most of his chances