Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


We can’t play myers, langford & clarke and langford needs to play, so it’s back to the 2s for Myers. Matching up against Ablett, Danger & Selwood could be a disaster for 2 young inside mids but we have to start somewhere.

mckenna hooker bags
saad ambrose ridley

stringer stewart fanta
tippa mckernan laverde

bellch + 9 mids

hepp, zerrett, langford, clarke, smith, zaka, BJ, mutch, parish

In langford, ridley, clarke
Out hurls, myers, mcneice

would also squeeze redman in if he’s fit.


How many articles is he going to do about the saga in the lead up ?


6 changes will be great.

Two is just not enough.


All “forced”.


Really? Once the game starts, it’s on.


Round 15 , 2011.

Essendon v Geelong.
No one gave us a chance that night. No one.
We had no Watson and we were in poor form (Lost 5 straight). Geelong were on top and hadn’t lost a game.
The odds were Geelong 1.08 Essendon 8.50

and this happened…




edit: i swear theres a commentary feed that goes ‘BOMBERS, THEY HAVE LIFE’


Yes that Melksham game was the bomb, reckon it’s the best game of Afl he has played.

A rare win against that mob.


Can’t see it happening, but would be awesome if history repeated.


Yep agreed. His interview tonight on fox footy was gut wrenching at times. He seems like a genuinely nice human being and glad to see him in a happier head space at the moment.


the people that’d bag cramers won’t be the ones that’d care about him being a 'good person’™. because he left essendon and in their eyes thats a dog act.

funny how the club that ruined his career so hes now a bit player at geelong and had him banned for a chance to play in a flag isn’t at fault though.


Yep. Nuffies.


I think you can substitute “people” for the usual outliers at any club who are not worth two bob.


Hibberd and Melksham left so peacefully no Essendon supporters boo them. But Ryder, Carlisle and Crameri on the other hand…


Matt Dea in imo


Yes we need to remember what Crameri and Prismal did.

They were offered a life line by ASADA and even their legal counsel wanted them to take the deal. Take the easy way out of the supplements saga. They didn’t take the deal. They stood with the other players. That decision took guts, courage and it showed moral fibre and integrity of both men.


Crameri’s name should not even be said in the same sentence as some of the other players.


He may be a really good bloke but he still left the Bombers for more money, so he is no different to Ryder and Carlisle in that respect.


You must know more than everyone else then.

Crameri and Prismall could have copped an early plea of guilty, but they stood with the rest to prove their innocence. Not sure they had that much choice.

Would have done them no good in the end as they were all still subject to WADA.


Changes v Cats Round 9 !