Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Incredible. 100% incredible.


Sure does, changes actually happening at Essendon :slight_smile:


Should have dropped Lav for his own safety!


Nice to see some changes buy wowee our depth is horrendous


Laverde lol


Last couple of games before he is traded.


he’ll be back next week


Parish looks like a player going nowhere fast. Not doing much and is going for a ride.

I like the move to demote when warranted… is it consistent ? No… because Myers should have the same word next to his name, even weeks ago , but gets off with the term injured. I would have liked to have seen seen delisted , or retired personally.


I reckon we win too.


Confirmed - Myers’ injury = allergic to playing VFL


Very happy with the changes :grin:


Funny the difference team selection makes. I actually am looking forward to the game on Sat.


Lav has been horrendous but there is potentially more upside with him than many others. His kicking for goal is symptomatic of his confidence levels and we’ve seen enough examples of what shot confidence can do to even players of proven ability (half our squad). Give him a run of 6 - 8 games and find out for certain if there is something there.


B: Saad Hooker Dea
HB: Ridley Ambo McKenna
C: Guelfi Heppell Zaka
F: Baguley McKernan Stringer
R: Belly Zerrett Smith

B: Goddard Langford Clarke LAV


Like the changes a lot but still…Baguley, why? what value does it add to our team to keep him in?


Green and Redman are named in the VFL team.


Forward pressure. Role to play and been doing it.

He will be out as soon as Green back, likely next week as seems getting VFL game in first.


He is one of the very few that at least throws his body on the line. If some of the others watched his efforts we may not be where we are at the moment.


If thats the only reason why the hell wouldn’t they play Long then?? at least he is more of a natural forward. Baguley is absolutely useless.


Long is not a natural forward.