Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Should have dumped the shat players 3 games ago instead of trying to win games. We may have been in a better state now. Daniher, Tippa, Stringer, Heppell, Baguley, Goddard and even Hurley should have been dropped.


Outta the straosphere never to be seen near an ins list for the history of time onwards:




Out: Myers, Parish, McNeice, Bellchambers, Tippa

In: Clarke, Langford, Guelfi, Draper, Green

Bags can stay in, because we do need somebody to ‘Protect the Adults.’


Out: Baguley
In: Ridley (look to the future)

Out: McNiece (Saad, Mckenna, Ridley, Hurley can try to cover any small forwards)
In: Clarke (add another midfield option)

Out: Mutch (too slow for wing IMO)
In: Guelfi

Out: Laverde (considered Stringer, but Lav’s lousy short pass sealed it)
In: Langford (another midfield option)


I’m pretty sure the changes will be

In: Dea
Out: McNiece



In - 3 young blokes to not worry about getting a kick, just follow Danger Sellwood and Ablett around all day and observe how and what it takes to play AFL at the elite level. Could even throw one more in to stand Menzel and learn a few tricks.


Move Hooker forward. Bring in a young key defender for the remainder of the year.

With a fit Joe and Stewart our KPF are young. We need to start working on giving our young defenders more game time.

Give Myers the Hocking / Stanton treatment.


Imagine if I’d gotten my way re changes last week. Parish, McNeice, Laverde & Baguley all did nothing once again. Yes, McGrath and Redman were injured but still, there simply needed to be more changes made.


If he’s injured, yes I’d drop him to get better.

If not, midfield all game next week.


I’m betting on nil changes.


You would think we lost by 110points… its a 13 point loss… Get some perspective…

So what if it was carlton…

I think its just not having the best side out there we can…

Green/Brown/Begluy have been big losses for mine… and make our 22 look alot better… (and irish has been out for 3 weeks)

Begs is not coming back… but fantasia has…

And others will, and it has been a unsettled line up from injury since round 1…

Have some faith that they will pull something together…
The way this season is going they will beat the Cats and lose to brisbane in 3 weeks. and in between who knows?


Out: Myers, McNeice, Baguley, Goddard, Parish, Bellchambers
In: Clarke, Langford, Redman, Ridley, Bezerker, Green


Accept that we’ll probably lose, and use the chance to try some sht.

Francis in for Goddard. Plays on Ratugolea. Goddard spends the week with him to prepare, and then either plays VFL or has the week off, his choice.
Guelfi for Parish. Parish goes to VFL to find a bit of spark again.
Clarke for Myers. Why not. Fantasia to forward pocket.
Green for Lav. Just cos.

Start Ambrose on Hawkins. Hurley does whatever he wants in the meantime, but is plan B for Hawkins.
Stringer plays high HF or wing. Does not go in the F50, help keep it in there.
Tippa and McKenna - forget the fkn gameplan, just do whatever you want.
Stewart playing out of the pocket as Taylor will probably go to Hooker.
Zaka stays forward.
Heppell go and obtain the ball please and let others distribute.


I know things are pretty direbollickal right now, but that sort of comment is cmpletely uncalled for. Lift your game.


I want in: Draper, Clarke, Ridley, Redman, Guelfi, Langford, McGrath
Out: Bellchambers, Zaharakis, Myers, Heppell (with Hurley to captain), McDonald-Tipungwuti, McNeice, Ambrose

B: Baguley, Hurley, Ridley
HB: Goddard, Hooker, Saad
C: Z. Merrett, Smith, Guelfi
HF: Parish, Stewart, Laverde
F: Langford, Stringer, Fantasia
R: Draper, Mutch, Clarke
Int: McGrath, Redman, McKenna, McKernan


will we have a new jumper for this week?


Has to be Franga


i might change my support altogether to the Cats.

There is no Esseedon for me this year. I’ve stuck by the for over 50 years. The past 5 years has been tough but I stuck with them.

Now that all the air has cleared we have been with a team and game plan that are just pure ■■■■■.

Bombers supporters have always bee suportive of their team…but when the team doesnt give a rats about us supporters then they can GAGF

I’'ll be much happier when they start to put their heads over the ball, support all of their team mates and play like they want to win


Rate we are going, something like that, a 110 point loss, might not be too far away in our future.


Everyone’s got a different constitution/ the first game l can remember seeing is 1968 against Carlton at Princes Park.
Have never given the slightest thought about barracking for another team.
Good luck to you in your transition to Kardinia Park.