Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


The next three games are likely to be bloodbaths no matter who we pick, so may as well.


It doesn’t matter who we bring in. Nothing is going to change.

Players seem disgruntled and coaches don’t seem to know what to do. So disheartening.


So pleased to see the VFL team win today. I expect at least 3 changes, if Woosha sticks to his word (Langford, Clarke, Guelfi) and just a more competitive effort would be nice.


Would ■■■■■■■ off the game plan and playing man in man help?

Keep an extra in defence instead of stoppage?

Keep forwards anchored to the forward line?


Cripps single handedly destroyed our midfield…

I wonder what Dangerfield, Selwood, Kelly, Ablett, Duncan will do to our midfield…


Out: Hurley, Goddard, Myers, Tipangwuti, McNeice, Baguley, Bellchambers, Parish, Stringer
In: Hartley, Redman, Langford, Guelfi, Long, Francis, Dea, Ridley, Clarke, Draper


Donnington pls.

Why do you want us to soooooo be fined for including an extra player?


One key difference between these teams is how they use their ball-winning skills towards their ability to score. The Bombers generate over 6 inside-50s per game and have scored 92 more total points than the Zebras this season.

■■■■■■■ A replace the entire AFL team with the VFL team.
Allow the AFL players a week off. Then say right if you want to play show it on the field if you don’t there’s the ■■■■■■■ door now ■■■■ off!


Chris Scott is being a good sport about it and is offering us 23 players with 19 on the field. just for the lols.


Play lawns bowls, during a sausage sizzle, while laughing at the future funny pages, in the middle of the field and still beat us comfortably.


Any 1 for last line of defence…going…going…oh no that’s another easy 10m out kick and goal.


I thought Ambrose was our distance runner?
Fat ■■■■■■■ good that does winning the preseason distance thingy and doing shitall on the field…what’s the point?


Geelongs midfield is going to absolutely blow us Away

Tim Kelly will have 35


That’s because he does what our midfield doesn’t. Gets the hardball, breaks a tackle, shoots a goal from 50. South Freo loved it all the time and now Geelong are laughing their ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ off!



we will get hammered again at the G


We also boast Parish, Walla, Langford and Heppell, Myers which really make Geelong players ■■■■ their pants. Geelong will laugh their ■■■■■ off fair dinkum we are ■■■■■■■ toast!
When our midfield best consists of Zerrett, Smith, Zakka and Belly its like saga year allover again.


maybe we play francis, redman this week. wouldnt mind.


I say dont mess with the vfl team too much they actually love playing.


So we are interviewing Menegola
“You have 10 goals half time how your game tonight?”
"Pretty Easy when you have this weakass of a footy side playing it across their backline. I intercepted 4 handpasses, bread and butter goals. I’ve scored 6 of those goals 10metres or less away from the goal line…I’ve only run a distance of 100metres all night.
Wish all games were like this.
"There you have it folks Menegola Essendons number 1 fan!


Just to be clear this is the same player who had 16 contested possies for us, right?