Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Our coaches are so beyond it and out of touch, they could even consider that. Go figure!!!


This is what I’ve wanted for awhile but this style has long since gone out of vogue. Bonus might be the players who are letting us down get exposed and easier to see. Hell let’s play a traditional game too where our six forwards stay in the forward line - tired of everybody telling me we need extra numbers at contest because of pissweak midfield. Let the midfield sink or swim.


You should be fined for reading that post in its entirety.


If we don’t play the kids this weekend. I want us to get done by 100+


Thank you so much. About time I got some recognition around these parts.


Out: Hurley (inj) Myers Parish Laverde McNeice

In: Hartley Clarke Guelfi Langford Ridley

B: Saad Hartley Ambrose
HB: McKenna Hooker Ridley
C: Zaharakis Goddard Heppell
HF: Langford Stewart Smith
F: Tippa McKernan Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Clarke Zerrett

I/C: Stringer Baguley Guelfi Mutch

  • Get Goddard out of the backline and more involved.
  • Stringer & Tippa on notice.
  • Let’s give Clarke & Langford an extended run of 3-4 games to see how they handle themselves against some of the best teams in the comp.


It’s sad when I find myself more excited about team selection announccement than the game.


This is the one I want.

These two have good chemistry and a good three or four week stint together against arguably the two best midfields would help their development.


So Clarke only played one half of footy on the weekend? Sign that they may be preparing him for a seniors call up this week?


He played a full match.


If anyone, ANYONE suggests playing Ambrose OR Hurley OR Brown OR Hartley on the Tomahawk, I want them BANNED and then flogged.

HOOKER is playing on Hawkins…only Hooker !!!


I suggest Ridley


In: Clarke, Langford, Guelfi, Ridley, McGrath
Out: Myers, Walla, Stringer, Ambrose, McNiece

Eventually will bring in Frang, Long, Redman etc.


Pretty much nailed it there for me, except I would give Stringer one more week. He wasn’t as dreadful on Sat as the media and many fans are making out. He did get 16 touches, and the ball came in so slow or so wide, that Fkcarlton always had enough time to ‘double team’ him. One thing that I’m frustrated with him is not going the first option and instead trying to break through three tacklers, but then again he’s not the only one doing that…


A couple who I don’t want to see again (unless we have 20 injuries). Namely McNiece and Myers.


If you look at my post ‘I’m fed up’, you’ll note that I say ‘I’m fed up with blokes playing for themselves’.

Stringer is one, in my opinion.


In: Clarke, Long, Francis (these guys must come in), Guelfi
Out: Baguley, Ambrose, *Goddard, Tippa (rest knee)

B: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: McKenna Hurley McNeice
C: Long Clarke Smith
HF; Stringer Stewart Guelfi
F: Fantasia McKernan Z Merrett
R: Bellchambers, Zaharakis Heppell
Int: Laverde Myers Parish Mutch
Emg: Langford Zerk-Thatcher Ridley

Z Merrett cant beat the tag…so he is relegated to a small forward with stints in midfield when players need a rest.

Im not too concerned if anyone from the bench get dropped/ Parish rested.
And would be happy for any of the emergencies to come in.
Just think coaches wont make many changes.

Key Matchups -
Hawkins - Hooker
Ablett - Z Merrett / Smith ( If S Selwood comes to Merrett him (likely) then he plays as a small forward)
Menzel - Francis
Clarke - Selwood
Dangerfield - Zaharakis
Taylor - McKernan
Duncan - Heppell

Guelfi, Fantasia, Zerrett need to pressure in forwardline.

*Goddard …im sick of him after last couple of games, I need a break so he is dropped.


Why on earth is anyone suggesting dropping Ambrose? One of our few players who shows any heart. I’d have at least 10 ahead of him (for dropping).


poor ol Langers- cant get him in on a HFF but can Guelfi.

lets just trade him period


Spot on about not dropping Ambrose. His last 3 weeks on Hogan, Gunstan and Curnow have been very solid. He couldn’t try any harder. Plus he’s kicking goals!