Changes v Collingwood

They would not be even capable of that

Yeah but even that’s BS cos old farts will turn up anyways

I couldn’t give a sweet wet fart.

What more change do you want other than dodo gone?

We’ve turned over the coach, ceo, captain, prez and half the board in the last year.

We are trying to change.

If you thought we were gonna be an overnight success then just don’t bother being a ‘supporter’ coz you’ll only be disappointed.


I’d like to see unconditional effort from 22 professional well paid athletes. That’s it.


Bombershop gear should be cheap in the offseason.

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For 3 weeks we served up the same bs.
Today was it.
■■■■ Sheedy off any any other old ■■■■■■■.
■■■■ off the fitness team & Mohoney or whatever his name is.
Start again after the collywobbles games cos that’s our mad Monday.
And get the attitude from players we need at the club. Anyone that doesn’t wanna play for us every week can ■■■■ off out the door.

I’m not criticising you, just throwing the idea out there. From my outsider’s point of view nothing really has changed. We see the same weak performances year after year, other clubs go down and up, we are mired in mediocrity. At this rate WCE and North will win a final before we do.

Yes, I’m angry and have no control over the outcome. Does the club really care - show us a sign, as the players certainly didn’t today. Boycotting what is for us a dead rubber is one way of sending a message. I am open to other ideas.

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■■■■ that, hurting the club financially might actually push them into action. I highly recommend not renewing your membership, money talks.


Honestly, fans should send a message and not rock up.

Won’t happen, but gosh it’d be telling.


Wouldn’t be tinkering with the squad too much at all this offseason.

Tracking beautifully at the minute.


You mean there is a chance to play finals, if we won by 180 points, keeping Collingwood to 10 points.


We have a bottom 4 list, They just have to keep going to the draft and keep luring players to the club.

Until we have a strong core of 25 year olds.

Like gws have now.

And when good big bodied kids come along grab them. Trade up to get them. Ie the olivers, the tom greens etc, they are there every year.

Gws have another in Callagahan that will come through.

Even Taranto when we went mcgrath and brissy went mccluggage in the top 3 was the right choice.

■■■■ we could have drafted dunkley

These big bodied mids are there bloody dodo just needs to pick them or trade up to get them like other WELL RUN CLUBS DO!


Okay, it’s time to rattle a few cages, and at the same time give a few under-used guys a run. We’re not going to beat Collingwood anyway, but we couldn’t play worse than we did against the Orange Team, so we might as well make some big changes. The following might give a few Collywobbles the odd migraine :

B: 19. Hind 30. Zerk-Thatcher 41. McBride
HB: 38. Montgomerie 26. Baldwin 1. McGrath
C: 5. Tsatas 12. Setterfield 6. Caldwell
HF: 4. Langford 39. VOSS 37. Martin
F: 17. Stewart 20.Wright 43. McDonald-Tipungwuti
Foll: 34. Phillips 3. Parish 7. Merrett

Int.: 24. Bryan 8. Hobbs 16. Perkins 47. Menzie
Sub.: 25. Stringer

Emg.: 22. Durham 11. Snelling 13. Cox 15. Laverde

In: McBride, Montgomerie, Baldwin, Setterfield, VOSS, Stewart, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Bryan.

Out: Guelfi (inj.), Heppell, Redman, Laverde, Durham, Cox, Draper, Kelly, (all omitted).


Isnt Stuzz injured again?

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I dont undersantand it

He was named in the FP for the VFL team vs Coburg today (Saturday). I haven’t heard the result. Did he get injured again ?

App says he kicked 5.1


I thought someone here had said he got injured in the previous vfl game

Seems i was wrong if he kicked 5 today

Perfect first reply post