Changes v Crows

OUT: Watson, Howlett, Fantasia
IN: Kelly, McGrath, Langford


Jackson Merrett with a broken leg would offer more than Jobe Watson.

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In Kelly, McGrath, Bird or Laverde
Out Watson, Fantasia, Howlett

In begley
Out Fantasia



Merrett may miss a week…probably a fine

Hocking in to tag sloane?


Out: Watson, Myers, Fanta, Zerrett, Trav, Tommy
In : Looney, BBB, Bird, Langford, Mutch, MCG

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In- Kelly, McGrath, and Bird
Out- Hartley, Watson and Howlett

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If Zerrett is rubbed out we’re farked

Out- Watson, razzle, howlett, merrett
In- McGrath, bird, ???

Out: Fantasia, Watson, Merrett (if suspended)
IN: Kelly, McGrath, Bird (if Merret suspended)

I’d actually keep Howlett in as a result of Fantasia’s injury. He’s shown he can kick a goal as a small forward so may as well give him a crack

Although Hartley might stay because Crows are taller.

Agree. Hartley keeps his place for one more week.

If Zerrett is out i’d love to see McGrath given a big chunk of the game on the ball.

Langford needs to come in and take Watson’s spot, both for this game and the next 10 years. Here’s your chance.


Enter the big Boi.

Out Fanta, Zerrett, Howlett
In, Kelly, Stanton, hocking

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Bird has to be in. I don’t know why the fark he ever came out.


McGrath in the VFL then?

Out: Zerrett (suspended), Fantasia (hamstring), Howlett, Watson, Hartley
In: McGrath, Begley, Bird, Kelly, Mutch

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