Changes V Freo

Out: Green
In: Redman

Push McGrath up the field.

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Out: green, Myers

In: Stanton/Mutch, Jobe

Kelly Ambrose bags
Conor Hartley Gleeson

McGrath hepp Zaha
Tbell zerret parish

Bj Stewart Begley
JD hooker tippa

Bird Jobe Stanton lav

B: Baguley - Hartley - Gleeson
HB: Kelly - Ambrose - McKenna
C: McGrath - Merrett - Heppell ©
HF: Laverde - Daniher - Stewart
F: Begley - Hooker - Tipungwuti
FOL: Bellchambers - Watson - Parish
I/C: Goddard - Langford - Mutch - Zaharakis

Out: Bird - Green - Myers

In Langford

Geez I thought Hartley was really good.


Hurley to come in if over his tweak / injury.
Colyer for Green, unless there is someone else more suitable.
Bird should stay, for the defensive pressure he brings.

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I thought so too. He is in good form and Freo have McCarthy 192cm (Ambrose), Taberner 199cm (Hartley) and Cox 193cm (Hurley) listed as forwards this week.

There is a spot for all 3. The thing is also if we make finals we’ll most likely have Sydney or Port of which we’d definitely need all 3. Hurls takes the 3rd tall, reads the play and rebounds. The other 2 play the stopping role. Pretty simple really.


Hard one - obviously Green out. Watson in if he chooses to play (wonder if he’s already made the call not to??) if Watson in then Bird’s out (deserves to stay).
We need big bodies at this time of the year to help protect in & around packs - Myers stays unless Hurley is in.
Tempting to bring Stants in for what seems likely last game as he’s played so well.

In: Howlett
Out: Begley


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Out: Green. Myers. Hartley.
In: THE. Jobe. Hurley.

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Out Green
In Colyer


Out: green, bird, hartley
In: colyer, Watson, hurley


I don’t think we missed Colyer at all.
That was our best midfield set up this year.

Jobe for Green and let him play forward.

Ha! Jobe is not playing fwd in Green spot.

As has been the case all year it will be like for like changes, and we certainly won’t be slowing team up more than it already is.

Colyer who was seemingly rested as didn’t play VFL for Green is the logical in.

Perhaps Colyers kicking & impact has diminished due to fatigue, it’s a long season and he is one of the returning players also. Hopefully see him fire up after a week off. We need him at his game breaking best if we are to win a final. And Raz as well.


Bird Out
Watson In

Bird ain’t the word anymore.

Why on earth would you bring in Stanton, who’s clearly not gonna go on, on the eve of the finals?


Still love stants and what he brings to the table as a mid. Wish he’d been used there this year. Deserves a send off.

Also if you want to shop him a big 30+ game isn’t going to hurt his value even if as a FA

We probably won’t even win but we owe this club on our home deck the mother of all beltings.

And I want an obscure forward like LAV and Stewart to kick a 4 or 5 goals like we let fkn Taberner do.


He’s cooked Ivan


I just think Woosha won’t change team balance,

i.e. he’ll go like for like, colyer for green, maybe Jobe for Bird, Hurley for Hartley.

Would like to see Langford, Francis or Stanton get another chance but think that would rely on a poor form or injury in their respective roles.

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