Changes v Norf melbourne for round 18 2021

Glad we beat adelaide hopefully we can back it up next week with another percentage boosting game.

Who are your ins and outs? Is shiel a possibility to play? Langford has “hamstring tightness”, hopefully it isnt too bad. I think heppell will be back and also potential for a DURHAM debut.

What do ya reckon?

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In: Goals
Out: Points

Hawh hawh hawh!


haha yes, scoring more goals then points is ideal

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9 day break helps.

You’d hope Heppell returns for that game. Rutten said hamstring awareness for Langford. But he said that about Stewart and we didn’t see him for 7 or so weeks.

Guessing Shiel is still a few weeks away.

Maybe Francis is an option?


Feels like we played north only about two weeks ago.

Would like Heppell to come in. No one in the backline deserves to be dropped. Can we somehow work our Hepp in for Langford?

A tough decision is looming about Hooksy. He’s not even taking marks anymore.


Hoping Langford is ok and it is just precautionary

OUT: Gleeson, Ham ……. Langford?
IN: Heppell ……… Durham?


It’s beginning to run really thin in terms of midfield rotations now when you remove Shiel, Merrett, Caldwell and now Langford.

Provided Durham is ok physically and gets through in the 2’s you’d think he’d come in for Langford and Hepp for Gleeson. Not that Marty did a lot wrong. I’d keep Ham as a sub. Wouldn’t want both he and Cutler playing, personally.

Might see Perkins take a few more centre bounces with Langford out. Durham to a wing.

No idea how or where Francis comes into it but not opposed to him coming in somewhere provided we can flip things in a way that still retains our balance.

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9 days May be long enough for Langford to be aware and then become unaware of his hamstring


Just realised that North are playing the Eagles on Monday (is that to allow for adequate quarantine time for North?).

So they’ll have the trip to Perth and then a 6 day break before our game.

Out: Kyle Sandilands, Jackie Gleeson, Cutless
In: Judith Durham, Hep D, Frangers

Hey North


Do you need to quarantine from Perth?

Would be nice to win this game like we did earlier in the year, but we are down on manpower and they are a better team than last time we played them.

Our big forwards are not clicking at all at the moment, should maybe try Cox down there for a bit.

How far away are McGrath, Shiel and Caldwell from resuming at any level?

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Out: Ham

no one really deserves to be dropped after that’s effort

if Heppel back in for Gleeson
Then Gleeson or clarke to be the sub.

If Langford is gone then Clarke comes in.


Klangers didn’t even ice the hamstring. Feel like that was more and excuse to give Ham a run.


That’s shifty

IN: Heppell, Durham
OUT: Gleeson, Cutler
Ham sub again

He did go down to the rooms, so I’d suggest something was up. Hopefully just precautionary, or a standard 2 week hammy at worst (so over these 8-12 weeks injuries we’re copping!).



Well Chook could have a couple of weeks off with hamstring tightness, couldn’t he? Happens all the time.

Out: Langford, Cutler, Ham (med sub)
In: Francis, Heppell

Cutler medical sub

Heppell to go to midfield.

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