Changes v Port Adelaide

The amount of stick he gave to Mark Athorn was hilarious.


he was good actually. he genuinely sounded excited for the baby bombers even if it was killing him inside. some commentators really cant hide their hate of the bombers.


“He goes for home… HE GOES FOR HOME!”


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I should have backed myself in here…Port Gather Round are tough… They have feasted 2 years now!

Boy did that work

Basically worked out the exact opposite. We’re frauds.

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No arguments from me on that.

Really dreadful performance in a big game.

There was a clearance in the first quarter where they ran out of the centre and left our guys in their wake.

We’re not that bad.

Heavy legs…

…but why??

Out: Menzie (inj) and Laverde
In: Tsatas and Hayes
Sub: Hind
Cox spending more time in defence.

You are in for a surprise


Wait, this is the wrong thread lol

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