Changes v Port

Early thoughts are;-

OUT: Massimo, Phillips
IN: Heppell, Jones


Kelly Zerk Redman
Heppell Ridley McGrath
Merrett Stringer Martin
Perkins Langford Shiel
Jones Weideman Tippa

Draper Setterfield Parish

Bench: Caldwell Hobbs Hind Durham
SUB: Davey

No changes for mine*

  • always wanted to be the first one to post that



Won’t be surprised if Draper doesn’t come up.
Durham will get a week.

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What did he do?

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Draper nearly looked as cooked as Phillips tbh.

A proper break this week might be enough for him to get his zip back but if not we might need to have Bryan as the first ruck, Weed as the relief ruck and bring in one of Jones or Voss.

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Vigorous tackle where one of the cats players head hit the turf.

We might aswell give Baldwin a go
And play 1 of Jones or Voss.
Davey for Perkins on subs bench .

Kelly Baldwin McGrath
Redman BZT Ridley
Durham settlefield Martin
Shiel (Jones/Voss) Davey
Tippa weed Langford
Draper stringer Merrett

Parish hind Hobbs Caldwell
Sub. Perkins.

Baldwin - Dixon
BZT - Marshall
McGrath gets rozee

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if we’re serious about building, like bdb is saying we are.

you dont drop mass. you give him 3-4 to figure it out.


Sling tackle, head hit the ground, 2nd quarter, I think it was.

A difficult opponent but two things should go in our favour.

  1. Our most recent form at Adelaide Oval in beating flag favourite Melbourne
  2. At our lowest ebb last year, we managed a very competitive game against Port at this venue. (Let’s not talk about the follow up game at Marvel)

7 day break to freshen up. Probably a lightish week on the track. Weather doesn’t look too bad over there either for the game. Cloudy but dry.

Out: Hind, Flip,
In: Bryan, Menzie

Davey (sub)

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Durham will miss.

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Tracking beautifully at the moment, but as we looked treacle slow and lacked skills today, I think it would be wise for us to bring in Dyson Heppell.


Out: Durham, Phillips
In: Heppell, Bryan

What I’d do -

Baldwin, Davey, Bryan
Phillips, Hind, Durham (suspension)

What I expect they’ll do -

Heppell, Menzie, Bryan

Flip, Mass, Duzz

I would actually be playing Baldwin forward alongside Weide and Lang. String to remain on the ball against Wines/JFH/Boak/Drew.

In: Heppell, Davey, Bryan.
Out: Durham (susp), Hind, Phillips.

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Would be surprised if Bryan comes in given what Scott said in the presser.

Who plays on Dixon??