Changes v Port

why speak it into existence?

This. Going to monster us.

What did he say?

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For me it’s,

Out - Flip, Mass, Hind, Tippa
In - Jones (would prefer Voss, but who am I trying to kid), Hep (would prefer Mass, but who am I trying to kid), Menzie and Davey.
Tippa to be sub.

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Watch Finlayson kick a bag - he’s a quality player.

Draper just struggling with the 5 day break. I reckon he will be good to go against Port. He will be desperate to play again Adelaide after his last game in his home town.

Ins: Bryan, Davey, Menzie.
Outs: Phillips, Snelling, Massimo.


Is he a lock to play, I know he was ok last night but he looked a bit proppy.

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I believe he was referring to Reid.

The premise stands however so I agree, he wont bring in underdone players.

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Marshall will be back. So you’d think if he was still proppy, he may get a rest.


Whoops. My mistake, thought the thread title said chances v Port.


Seriously, people want to bring in Baldwin after one average game in 4 weeks.


I would say that Durham has been poor the last two games (after close to BoG against Dees), and Perkins is not getting much of it. Both might need a break. Massimo dosen’t quite look up to it yet, although looking at him as a small forward as per last game last year could be an option. Phillips needs a rest.
I’d think Hep and Jones come in, and maybe Bryan. I wouldn’t hate it if Tex go a game


10 possessions and 0 marks between our 2 rucks today. Go without rucks.


I’m afraid, partly due to woeful AFL/VFL programing, the cupboard is getting bare.
Durham will be suspended, Redman and Draper worryingly did not look 100%, Perkins is treading water, and we need support down back.
Personally, I’d bring in Bryan, Jones & ADJ. Unfortunately, Hepp will also come in.
Out: would go Phillips, Durham (Susp), Snelling & D’Ambrosio.
Perkins to Sub.

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OUT: Phillips (omitted), D’Ambrosio (omitted), Hind (omitted), Durham (suspended), Tippa (omitted)
IN: Bryan, Baldwin, Voss, Snelling, Menzie

Although they’ll 100% bring in Heppell.

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I’m going. I’m scared.


I think we’ll be okay.

We’ve just played against 3 of the likely top 4 this season. Back to back.

Port are a good team, but their form is inconsistent.

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We’ve played Melbourne, Collingwood & Geelong in consecutive games - 3 of the top 4 flag favourites at the moment.

This will harden us up for the upcoming Port and Brisbane games. No guarantees of success in terms of wins but it’s perfect preparation.


Jones needs games in the VFL. He is not up to AFL standard yet. Heppell proves week in, week out he is too slow and turns the ball over too much.