Changes v Suns


So long as we’re a mathematical chance of finals they’ll still keep picking Howlett and friends.

This season has been the last decade in a microcosm. Haven’t bottomed out entirely so don’t make any drastic changes.


Fingers crossed Howlett gets suspended then?


I find it so depressing that the best we have looked in a 4 years was the last three rounds last year.


It seems sensible to give Jobe a rest this week and let him play his last game at home, as fresh as he can be. Howlett may be suspended. (Forgot, he’s an Essendon player - it’s a certainty!) Obviously Zerrett in and Baguley.

Since we are out of the finals race - almost certainly now West Coast won last night - perhaps it’s time to give a youngster a debut. Perhaps the much-hyped BBB?


I would have thought wce have a pretty good chance at losing to either gws away or adel home.
Port or hawks are a good chance at beating the dogs

If either of those things happen, and we win our last 2, we should make it on percentage


Out: Jobe, Howlett, Dea, Colyer, Green, Walla
In: Zerrett, Bird, Begley, Hartley, Mutch, Ridley


In- Begley, Mutch, Baguely, Merett,

Out- Colyer, Howlett, Tippa (rested) Jobe (Freo send off)


We aren’t even close at being out of the finals race, no one really WCE play GWS and Adelaide, Dogs play Port and Hawthorn, Melbourne and St Kilda play each other. In Rd 23 we play Fremantle at Etihad and Melbourne plays Collingwood at the G, Saints play Richmond at the G. Will be a huge 2 days of footy


If gleesons out I want Ridley to take his spot. He won’t be.


In: Mutch, Zerret, Begley (kicked his 4 against the Suns in Pre Season)
Out: Howlett, Collyer, Green


In: Mutch, Zerret, Bags, Begley, Francis
Out: Howlett, Collyer, Green, Dea, Kelly


Please let this happen.


Jarrad Grant will come in and kick a bag including the sealer.


Out: Colyer, Howlett, Dea, Green, Myers, Laverde
In: zerret, Hartley, Mutch, BEgley, Stanton, Francis.

B: McGrath Hartley Ambrose
Hb: Mckenna Francis Kelly
C: Zerrett Zaharakis Mutch
Hf: Hurley Daniher Begley
F: Tippa Hooker Stewart
R: Leuneberger Watson Stanton
Int: Goddard, Parish, Heppell, Gleeson


Jobe is so so so done it’s a shame we have to carry him for the last month +. But there’s no way he’s getting dropped.

Give Begs and Mutch a run FFS and if Lav is dropped I will go ape.


B: FRANGA Hartley Ambrose
Hb: Mckenna Hurley McGrath
C: Merrett Zaharakis Parish
Hf: Tippa Daniher Begley
F: Green Hooker Stewart
R: Leuneberger Watson Mutch
Int: Goddard, Myers, Heppell, Gleeson



Any four of of these possible possible changes:

Colyer - omitted, has been worse than a passenger, has been a liability.
Dea - depending on match ups.
Green - omitted, l am yet to be convinced by him.
Howlett - omitted,see Green, has not provided enough.
Myers - we can’t play him and Jobe in the same team, both are too slow.
Watson (rest) - l hoped he would drop himself, but announcing his retirement put an end to that.Limping to the end of a stellar career.

Baguley - if fit.
Begley - has set some sort of record this season, being the most number of emergencies for a first year player. An unenviable footnote on his CV.
Bird - was more than serviceable when he replaced Jobe. Should have played more games this season.
Francis - another whose development has stalled. An impact player who has not made much impression.
Hartley - to release Hurley to the role he plays best.
Langford - if we are going to develop Laverde, we need to also give Langford games as well.
Merrett.- was sadly missed.
Mutch - ???

I doubt that TBC has recovered sufficiently as yet to replace Leuny.
i expect there to be no more than 4 changes.


yeh what the hell has happened to Francis?


I’d like to see us play the kids this week and then any then next week give hocking and Stanton one last game to play with Watson.

My Team for next week is something I think will look like next year except Fanta.

B Redman Ambrose Dea
HB Ridley Hurley Francis
C Gleeson Zerrett Mutch
HF Green Daniher Begely
FF Strewart Hooker Tippa

Foll Looney Hepp McGrath

Bench Parish, Lav, Zaka, Mckenna (mid)


Of course, that’s actually rubbish