Changes vs Cats

Yeah he could be an option but I’m not sure he has the confidence to attack the high ball

Not that we absolutely HAVE to go “like for like” either

Oh get absolutely ■■■■■■, what a ■■■■■■■ joke!

And Phillips

Ins: Bryan, Baldwin

Out: Ridley Phillips


Yep North were witches hats today. Look at the Port vs Cats game

Port were fercious with the tackling and pressure

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Thats a very tiny sample size compared to what Geelong have dished up since 2007

Facebook clowns want snelling dropped which I disagree on. Snelling plays his role. No need to drop him.

Shiel on the other hand :wave:


The first half of your post makes sense.

The second half of your post, on the other hand………

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Terrfic win soured by Ridley injury and Flip missing via suspension ffs

Out - Weideman, Shiel


Could be. I was watching at home, so it was hard to tell. Just looked at his heat map. That doesn’t show anything either.

I agree with that. If you bump and you make clear connection with your shoulder to their head then you’re getting a week.

Nick Bryan is going to get the chance he’s been craving. Let’s see how up to it he is!


The other one I’m still worried about is Redman, he looked ok after coming back on but was grabbing that hammy quite a few times

He will no doubt be sent for a scan as a precaution just have to hope it shows nothing


Haha hes going to get his arse handed

Back the kid in you clown.


How are we to know?
I thought you wanted us to forfeit the game?
No point even bothering…

I want to but every time he got his chance hes shows nothing

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Careless or intentional will be the key factor

High and low impact for other items


I still think we will get belted but today has give me a little bit of hope

Enough to actually turn up and try now?
I’ll give you until the end of the week.

No Ridley and we’ll be coming up against Hawk and Cameron.

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Even if rids wasnt injured they will still give us trouble