Changes vs Cats

Strangely confident we will take care of the cats next week

I don’t think BDB wants Wright as backup ruck.

Having watched them live, I really like the way we move the ball and with 2 metre Peter on target again, I give us a real chance next week.

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Not at Snellings role


I’d imagine Phillips will get a fine.

The tribunal is heavily influence by the outcome, and the fact O’brien got straight back up…. I’d think he’ll get a fine.

But who the f*ck knows…… they’re a pathetic group of humans who have no idea what they are doing.


First time in a long long time I actually want it to rain.

Dees got on top of them once it started raining mid first quarter.

Stopped in the last and Geelong ran away with this.

I don’t think Geelong love the rain as it hinders their their usual aerial dominance


What is his role? He did a couple of nice things but 10 disposals 3 kicks 7 handpasses 3 tackles. Largely unnoticed.

He applies a stack of pressure which Shiel does not, that’s a large part of his role.

Change for injury or suspension after that win

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Out: Phillips, Ridley
In: Hind, Shiel, Walla (sub)

Weideman to solo ruck

Langford to cover Ridley

Hind forward

Shiel to throw the midfield balance out

Blitz to have a meltdown

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I hope its nothing more

Stop now or people will think you are serious

No one on this forum thinks I’m serious. About anything.


Well you did marry a collingwood supporter…


But I escaped barracking for the filth with both parents filth supporters. Gotta be a tick for that.


Thats is a huge accomplishment. One can only imagine their salty tears when you proudly came out in an essendon scarf.

More salty with the tattoo


Looks like one week for Flip. Intentional contact, low impact.

Honestly think Weideman could solo ruck next week. Could be the spark that he needs to get some confidence back. Stanley and Blivacs are not great tap ruckmen. Blivacs is a great follow up player, but doesn’t win many hitouts to advantage.

Wright, Langford, and Stringer will be adequate forward targets on a wet day.

In: Shiel (starting 22), Baldwin, Hind/Walla (sub)
Out: Ridley (inj), Phillips (sus).

I’m optimistic on Ridley knee and Phillips MRP

Assuming both will be ok to play

As such, after running Port to the line and a very solid win over Crows no changes for mine besides the sub. Hind needs to be sub, versatile impact player. If not him Walla or Davey.

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