Changes vs Dees 2024

Many young players get shots in a team before they’re called on, we have had many opportunities he could be given that exposure next to established backs, vfl as the main dev is fine given he needs to fill out, at the same time being under siege in our mostly terrible vfl program must be pretty awful for a KPF, surely you’d love to have seen 4-5 afl games on the resume at end of this year rather than the zero we are on pace for.

Do you think Laverde is carrying some injury or is Brad freshening him up you think?

Lav does have a knee issue that is mostly ok to play but has had a history of needing to manage it over the years. I suspect thats what this is about. He is a bash n crash player so it could be just soreness also


I’m not overly disappointed about bringing Heppell back in. As I said in a previous post, I would have been just as happy to see no change to last week’s side.

The positives about Heps is that he has, for the most part, been very solid this year - probably his best season in many years. Also, he is a leader and his leadership and experience will help.

As some have pointed out, Melbourne are not particularly tall up forward. I still have my reservattions about having Heps and Kelly in the same team, but if it’s related to match-ups, may not be an issue.

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I also understand the sentiment surrounding development. It is nice that we have some good prospects running around at VFL level. Should they be given a run soon?

It’s a tricky one. Take Collingwood for example - because of their injuries, they’ve been forced to blood youngsters. I agree that a debutant needs 40+ games at senior level before it is possible to gauge how they will be.

On the other hand, if Collingwood loses to the Cats, they’re not going to throw the baby out with the bath water - If they remain a mathematical chance of playing finals, they’re not going to just give up and develop.

Similarly for us, we are in the top 4. For all intents and purposes, we are up to our necks in it. While this remains the case, it’s incumbent on Scott et al to select a side that keeps us in there.


Yep agreed.

Coaches should be spending a bit of time with Draper on this.

We don’t need him to try things out of the box that are ridiculous just because he is coming up against a part timer.

Just focus on playing his week to week role and then he will win the battle. We don’t need him trying to get best on ground.

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Still can’t believe they haven’t picked Kobe Bewick yet too

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Sen article from a bit over a month ago. Should put the debate to bed you’d think. He’s underrated by some but not all…

Dyson Heppell (Essendon)

“Some love for Dyson Heppell. He was the highest rated player for Essendon on the weekend and didn’t get a vote.

“He is actually in the top 50 players in the competition this year with the impact he’s had.”

“That’s the best return we’ve seen from Dyson for the last 10 years.”

Hoyne found one who actually got maximum coaches votes despite Champion Data not rating his game.


Also this humorously…

Nick Daicos (Collingwood)

“The Nick Daicos discussion, we’ve gone the other way.

“He got the 10 votes from the coaches, but we had him as the 21st best player on the ground.

“We’ve never seen him have less impact with ball in hand than what he did on the weekend.


Hepps had a good year. Club have won 10, we 4th. So for me, stability key as we are a chance of ffffff , im not going to say it, but you know where im going … so makes sense to keep the ship stable, thus Hepp for Lav. Hayes hasnt had the best of games in recent VFL, so timing not right there. Caddy now getting regular games, Jones, Cox taken steps forward. Development looks ok from where I sit. Tsatas has work to do, Roberts getting there. They will get their chance. We have depth, so IMO set up to have a crack this year, keeping things stable makes sense. No game a gimme, this one included.


He’s had a very good year. Interesting listening to Pendelburys first coach on the radio yesterday saying he was adimant he didn’t want him drafted because he “looked slow”. Turns out that’s not the only important attribute. Hepps positioning and organising clearly makes up for the fact he doesn’t attack. There’s other guys around him to do that


Spot on. He does have the odd brain fart/turnover but not to the extent he was a couple of seasons back. Like you said, he knows where to position himself, get the pill, and particularly in key moments in games, pop up and steady the ship down back. Not a bad IN for me. Clearly hes getting towards retirement, so if hes in form, get him out there, the kid’s will have their time.


Lotta people seem to forget how far back Hayes is coming from with his physical development… 2 years development is not in any way surprising.


I think hell get there, just not ready yet. Showed plenty, especially earlier in season.

Simply this.

IF we cop a few injuries particularly up back over the next 6 weeks we could be exposed. It happens. So having a look at someone like Hayes in a less pressured game in our run in (if there is one) is just squad management for mine. I trust him to hold the fort from what I’ve watched. He should’ve had a run earlier this year imao.

The benefit to Lewis though is huge. Included in the lead-in to a target game with all the AFL experience around him. Prepare himself, get given precise role(s) and instructions from Brad and the coaches and all that goes with being backed in on the day with massive teammate support (which we’d give him). It’s huge the benefit for both him and the team. He looks a decent prospect but yes he’s still growing physically.

Even if he’s off the IC and playing certain minutes and is subbed at ¾ time (which you’d think is likely) he’s at least been given a taste. So if we do get a run of injuries later this season he’s not completely swamped if called up. I mean, I suspect it’s likely we won’t see Hayes get a gig until next season and yeah he might not be ready enough. But don’t fear thinking this I say as he’ll be as keen as mustard to get a chance.

And btw, that’s not a loser, a whinger or complainer view in suggesting this. On the contrary.

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VFL side can still make finals if we stay relatively injury free.
Just need to get to 10th for wildcard round.


Did I just read someone’s post suggting this game will be easy?

And therefore we should be developing for two years time. ■■■■ that

Suns are allowed to play 16 year olds in their VFL side.

Suns aren’t a real team and never will be