Changes vs Dees

Excited to play a genuine elite team, regardless of the score we’ll learn a lot.


It won’t be that that neutral in terms of support. There will be plenty more bombers supporters than dees but probably even more port ones as it’s a double header and they play after us.

Neutral venue yes.

Port fans would rather see us win than Melbourne, I’m predicting. Especially after they (Port) have owned us in recent years and Melbourne would be more of a rival when it comes to spots in the top 8/top 4 this season.

And I know we weren’t that impressive today against GWS but Melbourne haven’t looked too intimidating against a third of a West Coast Eagles side.

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From the Scott presser - I don’t think Voss will play.

He made note of Hobbs and Walla.

Said Davey is okay.

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I reckon neutral fans from most teams would hate us. Haha.

You and Aceman better be there to support the team.

I’ll be there in the crowd with the plebs. Ace will probably be in the fancy rooms.


Geez imagine the pre game tappas at your place this Sat.


Out , Weed , Heppell ,Davey


Voss, Snelling, Hobbs.

Structure wise Jones has to stay in.
If Voss comes in to do the crash and bash Jones has less pressure

Snelling was a tackle machine and can replace Davey’s pressure

Hobbs has just been very consistent and serves his chance


Not this time! I’ll be going out! Cooking the next day for Easter :slight_smile:


Pretty much this. But I can’t see Heppell being dropped.

Perkins and Caldwell could be in the gun.

Perkins deserves as much criticism as Jones . But high draft pick everyone says oh he will get better

I think he played well. Place Heppell as sub again.
Out: Wied, Davey, Jones
In: Hobbs, Snelling, Voss

Sub: Heppell.


Perkins stats seem okay?

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I thought they was good. Some others on here gave Perkins the votes…did I miss something?

He didn’t hit the scoreboard. But decent disposals, metres gained, pressure acts, tackles in the inside 50.

Certainly wouldn’t be dropping him. Don’t understand that call from others.

Perkins had an awesome first game and is our leading goal kicker.
Caldwell how ever I don’t rate

In: Voss, Phillips/Heppell
Out: Weideman (concussion), Davey (managed)
Emg: Snelling, Massimo, Hind, Baldwin
Snelling can be sub

OUT: Weideman (injured), Heppell (“managed”), Jones (omitted)
IN: Voss, Hobbs, Snelling

Sub: Tippa

Lets be real, you have to pick the most competitive team against Melbourne. Jones won’t work against May, he’ll be destroyed by their defenders and the structure will fall down. Best bet is to get Voss in to crash and bash and provide a physical presence. Heppell was OK but against Melbourne he’ll get wrecked. Hobbs and Snelling will provide more than both those will.

And Tippa is the perfect sub to bring in.


Perkins floats in and out too much. He was good against GC and Hawthorn…

Last two weeks although the stats look ok. He hasn’t hurt the other side