Changes vs Eagles (Marvel)

This is the Essington way.


Thanks, Bobo. Not good.

Evidence suggests that syndesmosis sprains typically require 6 to 8 weeks for recovery, but this is variable. Chronic pain, instability, and functional limitations are common after syndesmosis sprains.

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Merrett or mckay will get injured next. I guarantee it

Whatever the alleged faults of our medical and conditioning staff, they are nothing compared with Melbourne. How they allowed Petracca to go back on is absolutely staggering.


He is booked in for surgery. Yeah I reckon a few weeks. 6-8 weeks. Season. Curse.

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It’s not. It’s a 6-8 week syndesmosis.

As for the others:

Up forward, Wright is about as useful as a rubber razor. Time to bring in Vigo Visentini, to partner with Jones.

If we were playing next week, I’d say to give Langford a rest until he’s practised his goal-kicking, but he may come good with the break.

Jayden Davey needs a game - so does Tex Wanganeen - one or the other should be given a shot in the forwardline.

Goldstein’s rucking was woeful, yet again. He’s past it. Promote him to ruck coach and give Bryan a fair rub of the sausage. Draper should be back, so he could play second ruck to Bryan.

The midfield was crap at the clearances - Duursma and Hobbs should be ready, but Duursma has a history of coming back underdone. Anyway, it’s time to give Roberts a crack.

With a fortnight’s wait, anything could happen.

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OUT: Tsatas, Setterfield, Kelly, Goldy
IN: Duursma, Hobbs, Redman, Bryan


Ridley McKay McGrath
Redman Lav Heppell
Cox Caldwell Duursma
Martin Langford Gresham
Jones Stringer Guelfi

Bryan Durham Merrett

Bench: Perkins Hobbs Menzie 2MP
SUB: Hind

Visentini, Wanganeen and Jayden Davey are nowhere near it. Visentini in particular.

I’d expect Redman, Draper, Duursma, and Caddy to play. Hobbs a maybe.

Go smaller in the forwardline. Jones and Wright are woeful.

I’m ok with that so long as we use the bench alot. A few of them need to be carefully managed fitbess wise.

Ok so Setterfield likely ok.
El-Hawli syndesmosis ankle injury out for 6 weeks.
Draper they sound less confident so likely Goldy stays and Draper is another week away.

In: Draper, Duursma, Redman, Caddy, Davey (Debut), Baldwin
Out: Goldstein, Tsatas, Kelly, Jones, Menzie, Laverde

b: McGrath McKay Baldwin
hb: Redman Ridley Heppell
c: Duursma Durham Cox
hf: Martin Caddy Gresham
f: Wright Langford Guelfi
r: Draper Merrett Stringer
int: Perkins Caldwell Setterfield Hind
Sub: J Davey

We could play Shiel or Tsatas or Hobbs as sub, but would like to see those guys be the midfield in the VFL

b: Wanganeen Weideman laverde
hb: Lual Hayes Kelly
c: A Davey HOBBS Roberts
hf: Peris Jones Menzie
f: O’Neil Vissentini Smartt
r: Bryan Shiel Tsatas
int: Hatley, Toma, Eckersley, Scott, Foley
Rested Goldstein

Kelly is not getting dropped you fools.

OUT: Kelly, Tsatas, Jones, Goldy
IN: Redman, Hobbs, Duursma, Draper


Ridley McKay Lav
Martin Redman McGrath
Cox Setterfield Duursma
Perkins Langford Gresham
Draper Stringer Guelfi

2MP Durham Merrett

Bench: Caldwell Hobbs Menzie Heppell
SUB: Hind

Sounds like Tim Kelly is struggling to get up for the game and could be 50/50. Oscar Allen is back fit but they may bring him back through the WAFL. If they’re missing both that’s a big win for us

I’d just like to acknowledge that Eagles supporters are the absolute worst of the interstate support groups. It goes:

Port Adelaide
Gold Coast (they have some weirdly ironic Melbourne-based supporters)
Fremantle/GWS tied last

In that order. Good luck to all those heading along to Docklands this Sunday

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Thanks for this most helpful table.

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We were awful coming off the bye last season vs Dockers. Whatever lineup Scott decides upon, I just hope we’re on from the first bounce to final siren v WC and win well.

Another limp effort from our forwards and we somehow loae, we’ll be knee deep in it.