Changes vs FarkCarlton

The most disposals he’s ever had in a match is 14, and he averages eight per game across his career. It’ll also be wet tonight. I hope your prediction turns out to be true, but it’s a very, very, very long shot.


We need to be the hunters tonight…aggressive football gives you a chance

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We must Fark Carlton…that is all

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For Jones, I’d take 2 marks inside 50 (1 contested), at least 1 converted into a goal.
Another 4 marks around the flanks/wings.
5 tackles, 12 disp, some pressure acts.


And neither should they.


Should have played both and rested one up forward

They’ll have truma from 2MP dominating last year so Weitering will go to him.

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Will there be parking outside ground?


Nick Hind to wing or half forward

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I’ll take losing by 100 to WCE if we can beat these muppets.


Casino and walk is good (if you’re able).

Conversely, the Parking next to the Spaghetti Tree at the top end of Bourke Street.

Looking at Carlton’s form running into today’s game:

They have won 3 of their last 6.

Lost to Cats and Pies. Won against Demons by a point. A heavy loss to Sydney. And then won their last 2 games well. Against Gold Coast at Marvel, and Port in Adelaide last week.

Last week’s win against Port is probably their most impressive win in the last 6. It was a tight game until a last quarter blowout.

Meanwhile, Essendon’s form has been down in the last few weeks, though we have had a draw, 4 wins and a loss, so 4.5 wins of the last 6 leading into today’s game.

Our form has been weaker in the last few. Carlton’s has been stronger in the last 2.

It’s likely we had sickness at least partially affecting the last 2-3 games, and it’s likely our midfield has had a tougher time, with fewer players rotating through than earlier in the year. For me, this is the hardest thing to assess. Is our midfield just recovered from sickness, and expected to be back to their pressuring best, or are they beaten up from having to shoulder more of the hits on young players? If they come out flat again this week, it’s hard to see us being in contention with Carlton, who are in decent form. If they come out pressuring at their best, we can beat Carlton’s midfield.

Brad Scott and Michael Voss are Premiership team mates and life long friends, who share similar coaching journeys, starting at 33. In the previous 7 games coaching against each other, Brad has won 5 of those encounters. Today, at 48 years old, they face each other again for the 8th time.

In my opinion, this game is a real 50/50. I can’t pick which way it will go. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be close. It could be a blowout either way.

What I do know is, Brad will be up for the fight, and despite our deep rivalry as opposing fans, our players will be looking for another opportunity to improve as a team, and our captain will be looking for ways to get this team closer to the success he craves.

I’m looking forward to this chance to get a glimpse of where we’re really at this year.


I think you have to take into account the relative difficulty in draw when comparing form.

Carlton hasn’t played a team below 10th (Dees) in their last six games. They have had 3 games against the current top 4. Going 50-50 in those games is actually a good result.

Essendon hasn’t played a team above 7th (GWS) in their last six games. 3 of our 4 wins have been against 16th, 17th and 18th


If the last couple of week’s games have taught me anything, ladder position seems to make little difference this year. Today’s strategy, and how well it’s executed, will have a large influence on how the game goes.

It’s almost like, the competition is closer than it’s ever been, and even if you’re off by a few percent, you can lose any given game.

Both teams will be well and truly up for it heading into tonight’s game. The only thing that I can really take into account is who’s ahead at the final siren


As predicted, our ball use going forward is what’s killing us.



Ball use & conversion going forward. We will get nowhere until we fix our ball movement forward of centre.