Changes vs Geelong

OUT: Dea, McKenna, Myers
IN: McGrath, Watson, Stewart

B: Baguley Hartley Francis
HB: Kelly Hurley McGrath
C: Goddard Watson Colyer
HF: Tippa Daniher Stewart
F: Fantasia Hooker Green
R: Leuenberger Heppell Zerrett

I/C: Parish Zaharakis Stanton Gleeson


Out: Stanton
In: Mutch

The last time Jobe played in a win vs Geelong it was his debut.


Out: Zaharakis, Stanton, Hartley, McKenna, Francis
In: McGrath, Mutch, Stewart, McNiece, Clarke

Baguley Hooker Dea

McGrath Hurley Kelly

Colyer Merrett McNiece

Goddard Daniher Fantasia

Green Stewart Walla

Leuey, Parish, Heppell

Clarke, Myers, Mutch, Gleeson

Play the fkn kids and if I see the likes of howlett, hocking, brought in il lose my mind

Gleeson, dea, Stanton, Myers and zaharakis have GOT to go


Out: Stanton, Zaharakis, Leunberger, Gleeson
In: McGrath, Stewart, Bellchambers, McNeice

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Out: Dea, Hartley, Zaka, Stanton, Gleeson
In: Stewart, Mutch, Clarke, Bird, MCG

No changes for mine.


I do wonder what will bring the end of emotion-based team selection. I’m guessing after the bye.

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I like Smack


Being a Essendon supporter drives you to using Smack

Zaharakis should have been dropped after Round 3 but he’s still in the fckn team, blows my mind.

Out: Zaharakis, McKenna, Dea, Luenberger, Gleeson, Stanton
In: Watson, McGrath, Stewart, Smack, Mutch, Bird

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IN: Stewart, Watson
OUT: Hartley, Colyer (rest)

Put Hooker back on Hawkins

In - Begley, Mutch, McGrath, Mcniece, belly/mck, Watson

Out - Stanton, Gleeson, zaharakis, luenberger, Myers, dea

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Don’t know why we (including myself) are saying Zaharakis will be out, surely we know he wont be

Irrelevant who comes in or goes out.

Dangerfield and Selwood to have 100 possessions between them, and Motlop and Cockatoo to score 4 goals each.

4? Gwilty pls

Should expect ridiculous suggestions after a loss like that but calling for Myers to be dropped? If only Blitz could drop posters


Upon reflection, Kelly is on 299 games.

Let’s drop him for the Geelong game.

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play the kids etc

Ridiculous because you thought he played well, or because it was his first game back?