Changes vs GWS Giants

Is Parish available?

Considering our lack of midfield right now, don’t have high hopes for this game. But I’m okay with that at this point too.

Menzies should be a starter next week. Was very active as soon as he was subbed in.


GWS have dead set stopped. As McVeigh has admitted. Whether they randomly turn it around next week against us, who knows, maybe. But they’ve been horrible.

Parish and McGrath the obvious ins.


Parish in for Caldwell
McGrath in for Mass
Menzie to retain sub role me thinks.

This sub thing always confuses me when doing ins and outs.

If there’s a way to give Menzie a full game and make someone else sub, do that.

Keep the one ruck extra tall forward set up. I know it was only North, but I much prefer having another actual tall forward down there.

Edit: ah yes! Meatball Sub


Snelling sub


Parish for calders
Menzie for snelling
McGrath for Kelly


bit early but

In: Menzies, McGrath
Out: Snelling, Caldwell
Perkins was a bit underwhelming, don’t think he is 100%

Snelling can be sub.
Parish will be another week away.
McGrath can midfield

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Parish will be fit and ready

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GWS has to be the dissapointment of the season, the wheels are well and truly off, in saying that they could definitely lift for this game and roll us.

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someone will likely get a soft tissue injury pre match anyway :crazy_face:

eagles, us and Giants all worthy of dissapointmentof the season.

north well everyone could see that coming.




and Menzie


Me thinks that is why Ham is often sub. He’s on the way out.
Rutten said during the presser that it’s confusing us.

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No changes for mine

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How bad is Shiel’s injury?

Sounds like he could be fine. Was touch and go.

For me:

In: Shiel, McGrath
Out: Caldwell, Perkins/Snelling??(Perkins doesn’t look ready….but I think the other out will be decided on the track)

IN McGrath & Nick BRYZA Brian
OUT Caldwell, Draper (managed)

and Parish for Mass if fit. Mass can take Menzies place as sub.

We will need Parish & McGrath both back in order to win this game. Those clearance numbers against North were a debacle. Hopefully Caldwell is OK too but probably looking unlikely given our history this year of calf injuries.

Giants are 3-3 at Spotless this season. 3 of their 5 wins have been at the venue.

Expecting to get a fair bit of media coverage this week about McVeigh/Hird/Solomon coaching against their old club. Then again it’s GWS and it may just get swept under the carpet until game time.

McVeigh’s post match press conference after the Swans game was very pointed. Despite their underwhelming season I expect them to be well and truly up for the fight in this one.

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Smashed in clearances by North.
Yes we didn’t have Shiel, but I am surprised no-one has mentioned that maybe we were missing Phillips?


If McVeigh doesn’t get the gws job I strongly believe he will be with us next year.

I want a soloman , McVeigh and Cara coaching team

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I don’t. What’s led you to believe McVeigh is any good at coaching based on his stint at the giants?

And Solomon?