Changes vs GWS Giants

I don’t think there’s a media outlet on the planet outside of which reports on gws.

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We had a big problem covering for McGrath and Shiel. We should have McGrath back next game but the length of Shiel’s absence is an unknown quantity. Maybe Darcy Parish might be ready to return, but he won’t be match fit !

Without Phillips we got smashed in the ruck; Draper had a less-than-stellar game and Wright wasn’t much chop as KPF because of having to relieve Draper in the ruck.

Stewart did okay as KPF - that’s three goals’ worth of okay - but adding him to the forward line makes it very tall. On the other hand, again Jones was not good enough : his continual running under the ball when he’s trying to mark overhead is a serious problem, AND he’s still cramping the FF, by leading into the same area. I’d be inclined to keep Stewart at CHF, give Jones a rest, and bring back Phillips for ruck and forward pocket.

Give Menzie a full game. Make Snelling medical sub.


Twomey said he had hamstring tightness and would miss a few weeks

If it’s just tightness doubtful he misses multiple weeks. If it’s a minor strain then yes.

Out: ham

is parish fit?

what about mcg?

Snelling is definitely ready to go

If Shiel is out for weeks, it’s snelling/shiel for parish/mcg.

Have you ever seen a list with more garbage 1 million dollar players? I don’t rate any of them other than Toby and i think he is on less than Kelly, coniglio and Whitfield.

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OUT: Caldwell, Perkins, D’Ambrosio, Jones
IN: McGrath, Parish, Sheil, Menzie

Ridley Zerk Kelly
Redman Lav Hind
Durham Shiel Heppell
Guelfi Langford Snelling
Stewart 2MP Stringer

Draper Parish Merrett

Bench: McGrath Hobbs Martin Menzie
SUB: Phillips

Any chance Hind gets a week in the VFL? Couple of howlers and the coach didn’t look too pleased to be ignored on the bench.


OUT: Caldwell (inj), Hind, Snelling (both omitted)
IN: McGrath, Parish, Shiel

Ridley BZT Kelly
Redman Lav D’Ambrosio
Durham Merrett Heppell
Guelfi Stewart Langford
Menzie 2MP Stringer

Draper Shiel Parish

IC: McGrath Hobbs Martin Jones
Medic: Phillips

That’s a strong IC we’ll have. We should win, particularly if all our mids get up and are available as ins.

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This….give Menzies game time

I admire Hams ability to be an out when he wasn’t playing to begin with!


I rate Whitfield.



But NM are actually a very decent clearence team. Goldy + Simpkin and LDU are about the only elite unit of players North have at the moment.


Have Taranto and Hopper have downed tools second half of year? I haven’t been watching them but they appear to have statistically regressed.

A million dollar player though? Basically an outside half back.

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Rushing parish back would be such an essendon thing to do


Wouldn’t be tinkering with the squad too much at all.

Tracking beautifully at the moment.


That doesnt particularly fill me with any confidence

Nothing fills you with confidence