Changes vs Port Round 12

OUT: Myers - Stanton - Howlett - Stewart
IN: Langford - Kelly - Parish - Francis

Langford straight in the guts.


Reckon Parish and Kelly won’t be back until after the bye

Francis got reported today…he might not be available

Out: Treacle, plodding midfielders
In: play the farken kids
Have been good servants of the club but wouldn’t be fussed if Howlett, Stanton and Jobe had a line drawn through them


Out: Fisher and his mates


No changes for mine.


Need to consider what we’re gonna do with Jobe

In: Langford
Out: Stanton/Howlett/Myers

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Birdddd birddd birrddd is the word!!

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Not looking good for Stanton and Howlett.

Stewart is the main liability

If Francis had the same output as Stewart has had the last 3 weeks they’d all be calling for his head, and how unfit and how he has got a shi t attitude.

Get Stewart out and bring in the future. Francis.

*I understand he may be suspended, but in any case.

I know Bird isn’t the answer to our problems and you would now think he will be delisted at the end of the season, but I fail to see how he doesn’t offer more than either Stanton or Howlett?


How would we go with Stewart out, hooker back, Bellchambers forward and Leuenberger main ruck?


Myers gawn, 3 turnovers in the second in a row really hurt us.

Stants/Howlett were okay I reckon

Bellchambers is a ruckman not a KPF - he would be as useless as Stewart is atm sitting in forward pocket.

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I reckon Bellchambers plays his most damaging football in the forward line.


I reckon he’s the understudy to Howlett and Howlett’s form seems to have been better in the past 2-3 weeks

I don’t rate either, both crabs with no vision or ability to spread.
Stants is a different type, but equally as cooked.


Hooker will not be going back.
Our forward system is fine as it is. Need to nail our goals. Our useless mids are the big problem


Had 40 hitouts this week against a very good opponent and also last week, would suggest he’s not moving.

Pre-season would’ve agreed. But also have to remember it’s 3-4 years since he’s played, a lot can change in that time.

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Surely Dea comes back in - would’ve been useful on Green tonight. Give McGrath a quarter or so in the midfield just to see how he goes.

Do we have confirmation on the extent of injuries to Kelly, Ambrose & Parish?