Changes vs Sydney


No changes for mine.


Myers howlett out.

Lang, parish in.


is there vfl on next weekend? cbf yahooing it.

out myers, in parish.




Lock thread


Parish in
Myers Out.
Need to have really crisp skills in such little space

Curious to see how our game plan will change for the tiny scg against a red hot sydney side.

Should be a really good contest. Looking forward to this one.


Need Myers as another strong body against the Swans midfield.

Out: Howlett
In: Parish


I honestly haven't seen Sydney since they started winning, so I have no idea how we should select against them.
Hartley - Reid
Hurley - Franklin
Or vice-versa?
I know Lloyd racks them up in the back half and will need watching.
grin Tippa?


In: Shaun Edwards


Exactly the same for me.

I did read that Brown will most likely be available for the Sydney game. Given that Woosha rates him, any chance they'll place him back into the side? Apart from the Parish change, I would rather keep the team as is but wouldn't be surprised to see Brown in the team if fit.


Wanna see him goose step and then get smashed into the earth by TIPPA.


Still can't fathom that they drafted him after looking that far off it at two clubs. Good luck to him though!!


Rather Myers out than Howlett. Myers is really struggling to adapt to the pace. Sydney's manic pressure will show him up even more.



Most obvious changes for the year imo.




"Don't bullshit to bullshitters"?


B: Gleeson - Hurley - Baguley
HB: Kelly - Hartley - McKenna
C: McGrath - Heppell - Zaharakis
HF: Stewart - Hooker - Fantasia
F: Green - Daniher - Tipungwuti
FOL: Bellchambers - Zerrett - Langford
I/C: Colyer - Goddard - Parish - Watson

Howlett (Omitted) & Myers (Omitted)


Myers did some really good work off the ball on saturday night. Some off the blocks and shepherds he put on were really good.

I think he and howlett are big bodies who we will need against sydney. Myers kicking could be a real weapon on such a small ground.

I dont think either played poorly enough to be dropped from a winning side


Parish for Howlett for me too.


I must have watched a different game. Benny Howlett does things that Green, Colyer and Raz never do. Watch Walla's goal in the first quarter. Howlett ran to block a player that Green had waved on by. He blocks and shepherds, creating the space for the runners. Yes he turned it over a couple of times. But he is rusty. Absolute team player. Deserves more games.