Changes vs Sydney


Good time them for Hartley to reagin form.


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I reckon he could easily have gotten a game before Myers & could do exactly what Myers has only better. Last year he was racking up decent clearance numbers as well a lot of tackles. Compare that to what Myers has produced in his 6 games & Bird looks a better option. I get that we needed to give the returning guys an opportunity but Hocking only got 1 chance & was dropped so I'm not sure why Myers holds his spot.


I guess one of the reasons is because there hasn't been a decision yet on Myers, and where he goes from here. He excelled in the VFL, but we know that doesn't always translate into AFL success. Myers seems to be in a bit of rut. He certainly hasn't ever really reached the heights he may have. He also hasn't really ever had the sustained opportunity. We all would concede it's a real shame.
I doubt he will be given the entire season - but I wouldn't be surprised, either.



Myers isn't really playing significant inside mid time though. He's not in at many centre bounces IIRC.

Bird doesn't cover the ground anywhere near as well as him (to spread from contest/pressure), nor have the attacking weapons Myers does in terms of kicking.

If it was pure extractor inside mid vs inside mid role then yes agreed Bird would do a better job.

The coaches definitely needed to see what Myers brings to table though, he's been given a good run at it. And has Langford breathing down his neck.


I was thinking about this the other day at work. I will deadset run on the field when the siren sounds and join the group in celebration.

I hope others will follow so that I won't have to pay a fine.


Is "Back flank... I think" one of these specific roles that nobody else could possibly do?


The guy drank a carton after one of our wins this season. Was it ANZAC?

If WOB makes it to a prelim I think we've seen something special.


Myers & Bird are like for like. Same size, same career stats profile, height, weight. Both play midfield.

Both with good VFL form.

Would be interested to know if any VFL watchers could say whether Bird offers any more onfield weapons (I didn't see them in 2016), i.e. flexibility to play multiple roles on field i.e. or could he offer more line breaking capacity or more run off half back than Myers or be a goal kicking midfielder.




Bird can extract and tag. Inability to play any other roles well is probably the reason Bird is out of favour and playing in the VFL.


He's also at least as good as Myers in front of goal, I reckon.


Team Humble are heading down for this one.

In Parish,
Out: Benny.

Looking forward to not seeing Adam Goodes holding, diving, sniping, staging and pushing people off the ball.

Also looking forward to getting back at a few Swans supporting mates who gave me a very hard time over the SAGA.

TIPPA going to go berserk.
CORGI to get those legs pumping and kick 4
RAZ to carve them up through the middle
Hooksey to Clunk all night
JOEDAN to take MOTY on some swans head
TBELL to monster all night

Us by 2pts. Lock it in.


On balance 6 of the 10 returning players are in the best 22 at half way is prety good.

Of the others Myers is probably the one with the most upside, so I would think 1-2 more games to see if he comes up to standard. Otherwise , bring in a kid.


would love to see that happen… except that Howe sewed that car up on Monday and aint nobody is getting it off him now. That was possibly the best mark I’ve seen this decade.


Except of course Myers is 11cm taller, 5kg heavier, and whilst disposals are almost the same, Myers takes more marks but Bird lays more tackles. But apart from that they are the same.


This is why I reckon he is ahead of Bird, Hocking & Howlett. In Woosha's mind, he hasn't seen the best of Myers (which he hasn't), but he knows exactly what he's going to get with the other 3.

It's obvious Woosha doesn't rate Bird, he pretty well played every game last year & has played zip this year. Woosha knows exactly what he's going to get with Bird & obviously he is not in his plans - his cards are marked, pretty well the same as Jerrett's.


when you put it like that.... it's almost as is if they're completely different...