Changes vs Sydney


We smashed Port on the outside last they absolutely failed to deny us the corridor.

Against the Swans we will be playing on a smaller ground against a team that likes to play tight. I cant see the Swans allowing us the open spaces that Port did.

The pressure will be on us to win our fair share of the contested ball. It will be interesting to see if Raz plays high like he did against Port. I think they will want to clear out the forward line to leave Hooker and JoDan as many one on ones as possible.

It will also be a game where I think Stewart could potentially really prove his worth.

One gripe I do have. We need to stop treating Green like he is a marking forward.


... especially when Walla is unmarked inside the F50.


I don't care who replaces him, be it Bird, Langford, Hocking, Francis, Parish or anyone else who is - or even isn't - match-fit, but that f*cking permanent liability Myers has to go.


That’s what everyone thought about Tarrant in 2001…


Who also won the Anzac Medal that year ironically


With that passion, maybe you should write the club a letter.


Yeah, you're right. I did get a bit carried away. Too much turps.


you never blocked me when there was that option, you and blood, if you aren't the same person enjoy following people around too much to actually use the block button.


I believe he goes by the real name of Bloodham. Still looks like two separate people after a few IPAs though


Buddy just got reported


If Buddy gets rubbed out, how will they contain Hurley?


As if he will be rubbed out, Buddy will be playing.


Wasn't much in it. He will be ok.


Thought throwing a punch of any kind was an instant suspension.


that was sooo last week


:+1: to someone who posted that Buddy might do something stupid if struggling to get into the game


Watching this game makes me think that next week is going to be tough. Not because Sydney are good but because they look crap and will cop a belting in the papers and come out fired up and belt us as pay back for this year.


Nope i was wrong, they played Richmond. That makes it better as now the pressure is off Sydney and we can pump them...hopefully.


Now their finals hopes are still well & truly alive.


Football at the SCG.
It's gonna be contested footy all day.

In: Bird, Langford
Out: Green, Kelly