Changes vs Sydney


As a Sydneysider I can’t agree. Looking forward to this one. Got my tickets and we’ll be sitting in the Bradman Stand. Hoping the Dons can do what they couldn’t at Spotless and pull off a win. I feel,fortunate to see them play in four weeks, a win would be the icing my n the cake.


isn't the last time we played sydney in melbourne 2011 when dempsey got called play on.


Nah the infamous Friday night game in 2014 at Etihad, umpiring was completed fked and the crowd decided to unload saga frustrations on them.


I guess i'm just so traumatised by the last couple of times we played them here.


If we beat them up in the inside we will be in a great position to win..the key is the inside ball..that's Sydney's game plan and strength.


Goodes misses after the siren.


I think our ace is bellies ruck work.

Swans will fancy themselves and be up from knocking off the Tiges.


Predictions: We'll play some very decent football, young players will continue to impress, Franklin will kick 3 freak last quarter goals after being well held and we'll fall short on the night. Postgame, someone will bemoan the selection of Howlett over Mutch, raise the prospect of an umpiring conspiracy against the club and question the merit of selecting Steinberg over Luke Parker.


Fast start as always the case with interstate games is vital...we at least can't let them off the leash early in the to knock out any confidence they have.


If Pannell or Nichols umpire us I'll need a new TV.


Last time we played sydney in melbourne we copped probably the worst umpiring against us i have ever seen. Hurley almost got his head taken off and somehow didnt recieve a free. Then the ump got hurt and everyone cheered


Goodes miss after siren is the last time we beat them...yeah, I know...


It's our longest drought now having beaten Geelong this year.

Next longest drought is Freo.

Not surprising given we never play either of these sides in Melbourne.


All games are important now, but this one; is very, very important. The ladder is too close to call if we drop this one
it will make it tough to get back in the eight. We can do it. We can, we can smash these show ponies.


Reckon we'll get tuned up. Coming off the bye facing a in form class opponent away from home. All spells pretty comprehensive loss. Hope we give a good account of ourselves but might get ugly.


In Bird
Out Howlett


I'm so fkn pumped for Friday night. Back on the big stage. A win here would be massive


I note Myers is contracted through to 2018, but Benny Howlett is only contracted to 2017. I think Myers will be given every chance to improve his game. So I expect only one change based on form: Out Howlett, In Parish.


Myers is contracted til the end of 2019


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