Changes vs Sydney


Hooker back and Hurley forward


We swapped Bellchambers for Luey for Richmond. Went in unchanged from Geelong to West Coast.


It absolutely would be, and from the reserves thread (I have no other source), it seems as though he'll force his way in on form alone at some point. I also think we've been fortunate with injuries to midfielders so far this season, Parish perhaps the only one? Chances are we would have seen a Mutch or similar sooner than this based on injuries alone.

Alls I'm sayin' is that we just towelled up a fancied (but soft) side, I'd be letting that ride for another round at least before "experimenting" or developing.


Can't wait for this weekend and then all the conjecture can end.

Oh, that's right...


Fisher and Pannell to get the call.

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We've been pretty good with injuries, especially in the midfield and forward line where most of the new players are playing, and McGrath aside, no one has put in a huge claim for a senior berth.

Opportunities will come for the young guys but it's hardly terrible if players don't play senior footy at 18


I'll bet any money that very soon we will see this 3 -4 changes a week slow down or stop unless injuries. There is no way you can approach a finals by making this many changes every week. Fun for fans to speculate, but reality is they would rather not be chopping and changing like they have been


already has stopped. and it was only really happening as a consequence of the tight Anzac Day schedule and managed loads on the returning players.


How do people think we are going to go without as much room to use the corridor? Will be interesting to see if we've gotten anywhere fixing this.




Is there a rule that says young sides can't win, or winning sides can't also develop players?

We would be just as good, arguably better, with Langford in Myers spot - and be doing more to develop the list.
Just as we are better, and also doing more for development, with Conor McKenna in Stanton's spot.

This is about tilting the balance a touch. Not some stupid bigfooty-esque "play all dah kids".


I'm not necessarily saying this week, with Parish to come back in, but if there's a pretty solid consensus we'll see Mutch at some point, isn't it better sooner rather than later?

The reason I pulled up your "7th" post is that if we're still sitting 7th heading into, roughly, round 20, I don't think you would want to debut anyone then. You want to know your best side then and be fine tuning for finals. Anything up to around then is game on, as far as I'm concerned.


No. I made no mention of it. You know I didn't/wouldn't say that. I am saying that playing good football is really important as a first priority this year. We can develop young players along the way if they add to the side. You didn't seem to care if they did add to the side because "potential".


Think this will be a ripper of a game. Shame we have to wait a couple of weeks!


"Should we put this year on hold" - what else is that meant to mean other than some dumb false dichotomy??

Im not sure what's the crazier suggestion - the possibility a kid could not possibly replicate the 7 kicks and 3 tackles Howlett normally has, or that that gap in contribution could derail our (already vastly inconsistent) season.


IF I am not mistaken the SCG is wide but not long? That doesn't make it difficult to use the corridor, just means perhaps half a kick less to get it in to the forwards. Might actually work better for us. If my memory serves me right, the SCG is as wide or thereabouts as the MCG, just a fair bit shorter


Myers head to head with Kennedy


Id go

Out: Myers, Howlett
In: Langford, Parish

Reckon we will probably see

Out: Howlett
In: Parish


10 more days of hammering Myers. Jesus.


Ok HAP. You think young players will come in and at least perform at the level of Howlett as you see him as a waste. I get it. Just like you did with Begley who hadn't had a touch. Or Mutch when injured.

FWIW, a young kid can come in and play well but more often than not, we'd have a fair idea they would beforehand - like Stewart, McG and McNeice.