Changes vs Sydney


Reckon Sydney will be better at closing it down though.



  • Buddy will struggle to have any meaningful impact on the game.
    Furthermore, his inability to stop Hurley mounting attack after attack will result in some silly frees against.

  • Grundy to have a shocker.

  • JD to play the Buddy role (5 goals, 2 from outside the 50)

  • Sydney completely incapable of shutting down the ESS run off half back and thru the middle.

  • Tippa and Green both receive lucky Frees for high contact, which result in goals.
    Ess win the Free Kick count 17-14

Bombers by 40

RIP Sydney Season 2017


Just want to fkg belt them. ■■■■ sydney. ■■■■ diggers.


Howlett has been underwhelming from the first practise match. Ditto Hocking, Myers was ordinary for a bit and injured the rest. And they all missed last year, Hocking and Myers missed 2015 injured, so you're counting on form from 18 or even 30 months ago.

It would be hard for anyone to have impressed less than them in terms of relevant form.


What is our best finals footy team in 10 weeks time? If Myers is in that team, then we need to get him to finals level performance ASAP. If Langford is going to handle the brutal pressure contested work better, then play him. If it doesn't stop is winning now, put games into the players who can perform at the end of the year.


I'd say both Howlett and Myers earned their call-ups through their VFL form.

You may get a rude shock and find Hocking is the replacement for one of them vs Sydney... as he had a good match in the last VFL game.


You just completely made that up to make your point.


Which is why it's great when 19 touches and barely rating a mention earns Stanton a recall, but Langford can have 30+, 8 tackles and kick 2 goals and be named Best On - but not get a guernsey.

Come off it!

VFL form matters.


Myers and Howlett both dominated in the 2;s before coming in. Hocking is also dominating, but hasn't been brought back in.
Remember Whoosha said [sic] "the kids will come in when they can equal the output of the older guys"
He made it clear that he preferred the younger players if they can at least provide the same role. So - in Whoosha's opinion (which may be wrong, sure) the kids still not getting a game - are not yet able to fulfill the role required.


Yes this concerns me too


Which bit? Pre season form?? By all means, go through the JLT match reports and/or stats and/or threads and show me up.


Except that they are trying to get Langford to perform to that level way more consistently than he has. So you want to see a few of those games back to back first. And then you need the available opening that you (the coaches) think benefits the team. I think your view is understandable, but a little simplistic.


You are better than the "bring Bird in for Colyer" brigade HAP!

Stanton came in for a like for like replacement.

Langford was never coming in regardless of VFL form for Kelly who is playing as 7th defender/mid. Team balance is being maintained always.

Right now Langford should be pushing past Myers (I'd have had him in vs Port) &/or waiting for when Jobe, Hep or BJ miss.

For now be happy McKenna has gone past Stanton, and Parish gone past Howlett.


I think Myers should be kept in for a fair crack at it. We've watched the returning boys waver in form (Heppell/Hooker) - some needed a few weeks to hit their best (Hurley) - and Myers has had years out of the game.

The Parish for Howlett change is a straight swap when Parish was out before the bye.

The rest get to wait in line, no more changes.


McGrath, Parish, Francis and McNeice are all in their first two seasons and have played this year. Langford has been played and now gone back to the VFL to specifically work on aspects of his game where he can get big midfield minutes. Regardless of what you think of this the coaches have been very open about this and he was always going to have to build up sustained form to get back into the seniors. He and Laverde will be back eventually though.

This is in addition to adding Green and Stewart this year on top of Hartley, Brown, Tippa, Kelly and Dea last year. Oh, and there's the least experienced footballer on the list in McKenna who has been backed in by Woosh and co.

That's a huge turnover of players in a short time, and I can't remember as big a change to the team in the last 20 years, without even taking into account the suspended players returning. I don't think Howlett getting the odd game undoes any of that work, especially without any of the 1st and 2nd year players demanding a game in the VFL.



You are somewhat mistaken.

And the WACA is WACKO at 176 by 121.


You know.


This is the right approach imo

I don't get anyone who thinks they can be sure what this side looks like given the list, coaching, age and game plan changes since we played at full strength


Play the kids FFS