Changes vs Sydney


For McNeice? Hardly.


Explain for the casual reader then, cos I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.


You claim players don't earn a call up. They did. With BOG VFL form. Then point to the JLT series as some sort of evidence. I think kids should get call ups, I think Parish should come back in probably for Howlett.

I don't think we should open a spot in the 22 EVERY FLIPPIN WEEK for a player to get some experience while we are hunting the 8 in the most weird year ever.

I'm out mate.


How many times has Langford been BOG in the VFL? Not once.

How many times has he been named in the bests... twice. One of which was last week, and even then Hocking was named ahead of him.

It isn't the glaringly obvious oversight you're claiming it is.


Parish to come in. Not sure who goes out, perhaps Bobcat.


Man I hate having the bye.


You and me both.


Thanks, Yeah I think my point is the width of the SCG is not a factor in whether we can get into the corridor, It's a small ground by length rather than width. Sydney will probably work very hard to shut that down for us, so it will be a good test to see how we get around this from a tactical point of view


You could find that size easily using Google Maps on our training ground :slight_smile:


Me too. What a change a season makes - I now actually look forward to watching our boys play.

What does everyone think about the media exposure this week? A number of reporters are now gearing up for Essendon to make a finals' appearance. I hope the boys don't get caught up in the hype. I want a hungry and fierce Essendon against the Swans. We're long overdue for a win against them.


Our MCG ground is one metre short!

Our Docklands ground is three metres short!!!

I don't know what to believe anymore.

(Our Docklands is 128 wide.)


That's just ■■■■■■ slack, innit?



Kinda defeats the exercise doesn't it?

Why on earth would you go to the trouble of building 2 replica grounds, to only then have them not be the exact same dimensions? You wouldn't think there'd be any real extra cost involved in having the extra metres, .. and there doesn't appear to be any room/space constraints, . so??



Someone ring the club and ask for Dead Builder Proprietary Limited.

P.S. Does the main group ever train on the Docklands oval anyway?


Did I? Again, treat me like a 5 year old, and point out when and where I said that?

I took issue with th suggestion that VFL form is the driver here. Too many inconsistencies for that to be the case - and I'm fine with that because VFL stardom is a different thing from being any good at AFL level.


stanton came in for kelly. that is in no way a like for like replacement. This is essentially Stantons first year as a hbf.
don't confuse sticking him on a hbf is the same as actually being one.
they are using that to justify picking stanton and howlett as first choices when someone can't play.
Just like Howlett should not have been first choice when Green was injured after rd 1.


Stanton trained with defenders all preseason and did reasonably well in preseason games as a HBF'r. It's irrelevant it's his first year doing so.

At the time he came in for Kelly our main choices would have been Stanton or Jerrett for that role as both had been playing it in VFL also. Given we had both McKenna and McGrath as inexperienced players they went for the experience of Stanton.

Same goes for Howlett who'd been training with the fwds a lot through preseason, and slimmed down accordingly to ensure he could provide the pressure needed of smaller fwds who pinch hit in midfield as required. Green dropped out, in came Howlett (who was BOG in VFL).

Fact is neither are seen as part of our proper midfield mix anymore. Hence they were training preseason in other areas.

Them being selected when they did was not a justification of picking them for sake of it. Selection committee clearly saw them as best filling the role needed by outgoing injured player / most likely to impact helping team win.

Until younger players are demanding being picked ahead of them for specific roles then that will keep happening.


Do we have the bye, or does the bye have us?


Sometimes when you stare into the bye......


When we have douche bags like Mark Stevens talking us up I feel we are destined to fail. He can't get a thing right.

If we can get over the line against the Swans I'm booking my GF night accom. :wink: