Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


It’s to do with his sock.


You can bet your bottom dollar that north will come out firing.

This is their biggest game of the season by a country mile, they hate us and there was a lot of tension in last year’s match.

Hope that we are ready and not drinking our own bath water after a great performance


Mate, we’re gonna torch them!


Last year’s game was epic!

They are not in good form now though and we are. As exciting as the below was I hope we towel them up this time.

Raz is due for a big game. Stringer also.


Has Joey ever played VFL before?

I can’t ever remember it to be honest.


Yeah heaps in 2013


The coaching team have basically said that the issue with Daniher now is just match conditioning.

We’ve shown we can play well without him, so why put him in underdone when we know we can get the job done without him?

Let him play a 1/2 or 3/4 in the VFL to get some touch back and bring him in for ANZAC day.




I’m against playing class players at VFL level but it is what is I guess.


I predicted a 5 goal plus win against the lions
, I also said we’d turn over Melbourne

This week, I think a 6-10 goal win is on the cards

Norf are pathetic. We will roll them


Interested to see how we go at Marvel.

I reckon it’s clear that we are much better on the wide terrains of the G


Last season, from round 9 onwards (the golden period) we won all 4 matches at Etihad.

Interestingly, we lost 4 out 5 of our MGC games in that period. Albeit the quality of the sides between the two venues was different.

yep - (once again) it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.


Good Friday at Marvel Stadium

Is that the day we need to celebrate those that perished in the Infinity War?


No injuries…no changes

I dont get the Myers haters…big body mid who does the job…I dont get the love for Langers…slow and basically looks uninterested.

Glad you guys arent picking our teams each week


Last year we had our press game working far better and were less reliant on starting our chains from the back half.

Both Melbourne and Brissie let us do as we please and put very little pressure on us. Playing at the G just played into our hands even further.

If North are serious they won’t want a shootout like last year.


Can someone get noondog’s attention and ask whether it should be bombers’tan?


Yeah i think if they execute a game plan to block the corridor against us (much easier to do at Marvel than at the G) then we may struggle a fair bit to transition the ball. They will get more inside 50s than us which is fine coz we back our defence and our forward efficiency

I rate Brad Scott as a coach so I reckon they will have this down pat


Doubt this would happen but…

If Myers misses and if we are keen to get Daniher in but keep him out of ruck/have enough support fwd to manage his time & not play havoc with our structure as an idea we could:

  • Move Stringer into Myers midfield spot
  • Play JD, Clarke & Brown fwd

Given Brown’s running capacity he could play a 3rd tall role perhaps and be up the ground anyway a lot leaving space. Or in fwd line when JD benched.

We would really be stretching North’s defence then. Under a closed roof at Marvel no worries about wet/windy conditions with having those talls.


Yep, and they have a lot of contested midfielders that can win the ball in close and force a scrappy game.

If they are serious about winning then I think this has the makings of a scrappy game.

We should still win though.


This has close, miss 16 shots on goal, robbed by the umpires, Drew Petrie doing the frank the tank, Dean Wallis taking the tackler on, Goddard stepping out of the square, Round 1 type loss written allllllllllllllllll over it.