Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Looks like good news on Ridley. Hopeful of playing.


Very humorous post from a NM fan on BF :joy:


I have zero issue with Joe doing the following

VFL this week 1 half

VFL next week whole game.

Therefore short breaks not a factor. He looked rubbish in the JLT, no where near fit enough. Let him get fit in the VFL and not jeopardise the team.


Haha, I was quickly scrolling down to suggest the same re Bellcho.

Beaten to the punch by the North Melbourne supporter … ouch.


But close your eyes, and imagine if he was fit to play on Anzac Day…



Been thinking the same. We know how good Joey can be as a forward. But he’s a confidence player and I feel he can try and do it all himself. Needs to have a better feel for the team thing and dynamic.


On a fan forum it is. :wink:


Lloyd talks about the players deserving to play this week. If they win again they deserve to play Anzac Day also.

And frankly Anzac Day more than vs North we probably need Clarke/Belly 50/50 vs Grundy.

So much for selectors to think about

First things first though. Fkn beat North as the 4 points there just as important as on Anzac Day


But he’s not fit enough.

I’d prefer he’s fit for finals and not reinjured because he came back too quick.


Can’t see too many changes. Particularly structural ones. TBell is a worry with whatever he’s carrying. Depending on what it is maybe Draper comes in to chop out Clarke. That ups the pressure on Bown a bit but perhaps our forwards are connecting well enough to overcome that change? Then there’s Joe to come back. Can we bring him in if TBell and Clarke go out though? I dunno about that one. It’s a big debut. Love the Frang but I don’t see a spot for him there at the moment. Ambrose has it well covered. Did Langford go alright in the VFL? He comes in for Myers no question if that’s the case also assuming Myers copped a concussion. Potential upcoming inclusions are Begley and Gleeson when they overcome issues. Guelfi no doubt not far off regaining form. McKernan eventually too. Nice list.

Edit: just noticed we had a bye in the VFL. That makes the Myers/Langford selection more interesting.


Yeah we need to keep improving where possible. Not just get comfortable after a couple of wins.

Not calling for drastic changes but I reckon there are a couple that will certainly improve us


Very good ??? Define ‘good’


This is a big test. Coming off 2 really good wins, a massive opportunity to get ourselves above the ledger heading into Anzac Day. These ■■■■■■ LOVE beating us, they openly admit the first game they look for in the fixture every year is Essendon. You only have to listen to the presser with Heppell and Ziebell promoting the Good Friday game to see how much they hate us and still hang onto what happened a century ago and them not getting into the VFL until 1925. These ■■■■■ are Everton in terms of their mentality, bitter, small time, look at their cross-town rivals and see everything they wish they were. Let’s put them in back their ■■■■■■■ box Friday and get some momentum for Anzac Day!!!


Surely they’re not still bitter about the ‘black balling’ a century ago?



That’s all they’ve got. Such an irrelevant club with little to no fan support or engagement. These guys could win the next 4 flags in a row and people still wouldn’t give a sh*t.


It’d only need two of us


Still plenty of seats left on Level 1 looking at ticketmaster website.

Doubt it will completely fill up.

Prob somewhere in the low 40’s.


Sorry for posting in here but can someone tell me if training will be open on Wednesday?
I’d like to take my Mum and young boys and it’s a long drive from the sticks.

Thanks in advance


I’m guessing.
Also… phone them :wink:


Saw this posted in jest on BigFooty. Seriously considering buying a pack for if we win on Friday.