Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


It’s just like the lid off thread, but with only 5 people.


Different year, same Essenon. Lose to norf, will beat Geelong.


We beat both of them losers last year


Carey on Talking Footy getting stuck into Ben Brown. I like that - though hopefully not firing up Brown for this game.


We must win against these muppets on Friday, if we don’t last 2 weeks count for nothing. We should destroy them, NO EXCUSES.


Why not give him 2 full games?


2 years into thier “marquee fixture” and they already need us to save it.

■■■■■■■ pelicans


Yes, quite.

(╭ರ_⊙ )


The Geelong one was brilliant. Sat in the snob seats with the Geelong toffs and made them brake at least 6 monocles.


That would be fantastic.

Really value the composure Ridley is adding to our backline.

We’re looking very solid there right now. And have players like Francis and Gleeson trying to get into the side.


Next up will be coach Scott defending him, plus a comment or two from a player in the leadership group, dismissing Carey’s comments. Brown will turn turtle and go into his shell as a result.

An added bonus would be for him to get pinged a few times for staging. Chumpires won’t admit to being influenced by any media reports.


Coming down to Melbourne Thursday and I’m interested in going to the game. What is the feeling in here about ticket availability. Will I be able to just rock up to the gate and get in or do I need to book a ticket now? Also where are all the Blitzers gonna be?



Legend, thanks


The Mighty Bomber membership is ridiculousy cheap. $25 gets you two games so I got a couple of those in addition to my home game membership. Nek ninnut I recieve an email with two bonus freebies to the Brisbane game (which was kind of useless because it was already covered by my home membership). If you are only considering a couple of games (they could be in WA too) the Mighty Bomber membership is a bargain.


saad, hooker,ambrose


if ridley is injured(rumor is) then Langford comes in.

JOE plays 2 quarters in the twos on Saturday,then we play him Anzac day



Yeah basically saying our players play well when they win and don’t when they lose. What a genius.


North’s major problem with getting a big crowd is it’s a Norff home game.


Brad Scott got all mad. Situation normal.

Brown is a ■■■■■■■ poncy flopping quince, I’m glad somebody actually called it out.