Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Any news on Ridley?


Big chance but definitely picking side with short turnaround in mind. Might rest TBC and bring in Joe and then return TBC at Clarke’s expense for Anzac Day.


Wasn’t mentioned by Woosh but was mentioned that he trained in training thread.


I reckon Joe’s calf was only a 3 weeker but deliberately quoted 5 weeks to give him a couple of extra weeks training so that he could slot straight it.

Explains why he was out drinking when people still thought he was injured.

Would be happy for him to come straight in given the training and how Hooker slotted in off no match prep


That’ll be the obvious change, the question is do it for North or for ANZAC day.

I would worry a bit about JD getting back up after a 6 day break after this long off.


I like the theory above, tbh. Bring in joe for belly, then choose betweem belly and zac clarke for anzac day

Im still unsure whether belly is unfit, or he’s fallen off the cliff


Which game is more important to us in the greater scheme of things??? Or is it merely about getting the 4 points??? It is important to set ourselves up before the bye rather than do what we did last year. The powers that be should bring Joey back through the VFL until the time is right.

As Lloydy said, remember what happened last year when we played him several games close together and he got injured. Learning from our mistakes, we also have a FWD line which is functioning and working very nicely without Joey. Perhaps by not overplaying him, we can keep him fit and in a good space and/or helping out in the ruck part time.


I’d give Daniher 3 quarters in the VFL this week then bring him in for Anzac Day.

Collingwood would rather us have ZClarke playing than Daniher - make them have to rethink their backline.


I wouldn’t enjoy seeing ZC and Joe as the ruck pairing v Grundy. Need to keep some physicality.
What’s worked for us is the double team


Fully agree.


Probably is the wise option. Not sure it makes them rethink their backline though. Roughead will go to whoever plays out of Joe and Clarke


Surely Moore is the perfect purpose-built defender for Joey?


Yeah, neither do i but zac is arguably more valuable than belly at the moment. Belly is easily our worst atm

If its upto me, i think joe playing a half in the VFL is the way to go. But i reckon they may play him for Clarke

Either way, i cant see belly playing both games. Hooker may not either? They may manage raz’s minutes too

  • Play Joe in the VFL this week.

  • Don’t name him in the team for Anzac Day. Say he might need another week.

  • On Anzac Day it appears Zac Clarke has pulled up sore during the week and there is a late change… I wonder who it could be…


Hold the Devon, down to our last Zac... The Team: NORTH MELBOURNE v ESSENDON MRVL , 4:20pm AEST Friday, April 19, 2019

I think it may be best for Joe to play this week, and just see how he pulls up for ANZAC day.

The thought of Joe playing his first game of the season, on ANZAC day, and being under done, labouring worries me.


I would keep ZC for one more, a half for JD in the reserves, then in for ANZAC day.

Clarke’s only so-so.


Yeah, thats reasonable

Be interesting to see if we could play 2 ruckman plus JD. Draper has gotta be close


Injured I think? Well I saw him go off Im the last qtr last week


Matty Dea? :blush:


and who goes out to make this happen?