Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


What, to play Sideshow Bob back into form??


Winning a final would be.


Or like Bulldogs supporters who can’t make a delicious lasagne


Trying to buy tickets and all I can see is GA


There are more teeth in the Collingwood cheer squad than there are North fans


Should be a heavy fine.
■■■■■■ clowns.


Sound exactly like this joint.


There’s just something about brown that ■■■■■■ me off

lanky ■■■■


North home game so I’d say possibly the whole top deck is GA.

I really can’t envisage it filling up, Norths turn up was extremely low last night, it won’t matter how many of us turn up if the home team can’t get 20k to turn up themselves.


Their fans are more likely to turn up to an Essendon game because they get to pretend that they are relevant for the night.


Surely it’s time to play Draper? I think Myers should be ‘rested’ if fit or out, injured. Hope Francis plays and Fanta has more impact then yesterday. Walla, what a star!


they’ll all come out of the woodwork next week though


yep it’s odd. after watching the saints game i thought they’d be found out on a bigger ground, but it seems to have the opposite effect.
offensively gives our players more room to work their magic and they seemed to hold onto the ball more through traffic.

defensively generally they are decent on equal numbered contests and the bigger ground isn’t inducing to alot of numbers getting forward to influence those contests.

all comes down to effort and execution of skills this week. If they do that they will tear through north, if they don’t it’ll be a struggle.


Compulsory changes only, is my guess. Like many others I’d love to see Draper in, to give him a taste of the big league.
If we beat the Kangas we could slip into the eight…


I reckon the crowd will be less than our home game against them on a Sunday in July last year.


Ambrose will destroy Brown.


Agree if Langford has done enough at training. Francis to cover any general soreness in the backline due to short breaks between games.


At the very least we are looking well setup for the short breaks between ANZAC day. First time in forever.


To be honest, he leaves everyone for dead outside Gawn. Need to work him over and shark his taps. He had 50 hit outs the other night against English and they only beat the Dogs by 14 points.


Please don’t say things like that.