Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


No changes.


Daniher to replace Zac Clarke if fit. I would also replace Baguley with Francis, unless if Myers is not fit, in which case Francis would replace Myers and Baguley stay in the team. Some may think these two changes would unbalance the team but as it would give us a starting bench of Parish, Redman, Myers and Francis, I do not see a problem. If Bellchambers is not fit then I would use Draper irrespective of the situation with Daniher and Zac Clarke.


I hate the title to this thread. We don’t know whether this Friday is going to be good for EFC until we’ve actually beaten North, and we have a very good record of not doing that. Especially at Docklands.

The key to it will, as always, be intensity. If we play as we did against Melbourne and Brisbane, we’ll win. If we’re not right up at that level, we’ll lose.

If our intensity is right, it doesn’t much matter what changes we do or don’t make, but we’ll probably have to replace Myers, which on the whole would be a good idea anyway – if there’s someone good to replace him with. Langford is the obvious replacement, but there’s nothing to suggest that he’s lifted his game from its pitiful standard of the first three weeks. I don’t know who else we’ve got in the way of big-bodied, strong midfielders. The reason Myers keeps getting picked is that there’s really not a lot of competition at the club for that position – a midfielder around 190 - 193 cm and 90 kg. We really need someone like that.

I don’t know why people are shouting for the return of Francis. A couple of spectacular marks a game are not enough return from any player, and he really wasn’t doing much more than that before he got deservedly dropped. He’s never been fit enough and he still isn’t.

Our rucks are poor. I don’t know why Draper hasn’t got a game yet; he’s been dominating in the VFL for a while now. I’d be happy if he got a game, but it’s hard to decide which of Clarke and Bellchambers should be dropped for him.

All I really care about is having the players up and ready to go for this game. The rest will take care of itself.


1 To be honest, the last thing I want Daniher to do first game back is ruck for any period of time.

2 I don’t see the Baguley/Francis thing - playing completely different roles, completely different players - as does and is Myers to both of them. Not sure of the logic here.

3 The Bellchambers/Draper thing? Just seems to contradict the whole Daniher rucking thing.

In short, I’m not sure I follow, especially with the very good game Clarke played yesterday.


The thing I think about is how strong our VFL side is going to be on Easter Saturday if we choose not to change the senior side. Very good problem to have.


Best we don’t bother looking to ANZAC day until Friday night. Pick the best 22 this week, dont worry about the consecutive 6 day breaks.


Langford has only played the first two rounds.

He was one of our best round 1 and poor in round 2.


Not Clarke against Goldstein.
Clarke and Bellchambers against Goldstein.
Both have claimed a team win against Gawn and Martin. Who gives a ■■■■ about the name of the opposition ruckman. 2 against 1 we win.
By the way North should have kept Pruess.:wink:


So we won round 1?


Did you watch the match?


From your account Langford gave a stella performance in round 1…I watched yesterday’s game whereby we kicked more points in a QTR than the entire round 1 game…who gives a flying ■■■■ what he did round 1…ooops you do.:yum::sunglasses:


I was just correcting Shelton.

Has nothing to do with yesterday’s game but for some reason people continue to bring him up in a negative light.

He hasn’t played for two weeks so not sure why he gets brought up in so many posts.

And unfortunately the same people that talk about him are the same ones always defending Myers.


I thought everyone played their role at the weekend - some better than others but you can’t slam anyone’s performance. I’m guessing changes will be made to manage loads/soreness & match ups. No-one deserves to be dropped so the next 2 weeks of selection will be interesting.


Bring in the best fit and available.
No I don’t defend Myers neither.
I want Guelfi, Begley, Francis or Jimbo Jones😉
I don’t want to see 2 points as our opening score for a 1st QTR effort.


Out: TBC or Clarke, Myers, Baguley
In: Don D, Francis, Gleeson


I was t suggesting you defends Myers.

It’s the typical holier than thous that do it and then attack others posts.

You forgot to tell me what movie snacks you like?


You’re welcome.

Good Friday is the most boring day of every year… until now!


Yeah I love the peanut m&ms! Choc top rocks!
Maltesers and Fantales…anything really but popcorn sux!
Except caramel popcorn…


Yep, popcorns no good.

Frozen coke goes alright during summer


That’s ■■■■ that puts bums on seats!