Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Not sure what Bags did wrong, and Myers wasn’t as bad as some would wish.

That said, I’d like to see Francis back in. The docs will work out the ruck situation. Is Gleeson ready - and can we fit him and Francis in the same role?


Ohhhh imagine. Footy up here at Metricon
Me chatting to @wimmera1 about the game, 40 points up, discussing chicks, all thing pleasant in life, arduous conundrums and drinking a Jim Beam & frozen coke…life would be sweet!


Should only be forced changes if at all

IF Myers unavailable, Langford or Guelfi in, with Parish then returning to mostly inside role

IF Bellchambers needs a rest, Draper in

Otherwise same team & crush the Roos


■■■■■■■ A!


Good times :+1:


Could people spend a minute thinking about balance before they name changes?

An extra defender in for a mid.

An extra defender in for a forward pocket.

It’s not ‘who’s your fav’


Not to be a smartarse but it doesn’t have to balanced.

But I agree it needs to be explained a little at least.


Is Goddard putting ‘staging’ on the public agenda to prevent this sh*t happening next week?!?


Well at least it is highlighted for our match.


Someone has to carry the Lyndsay Thomas mantel


Explain how balance isn’t needed?

Would have thought it was vital


I like Ben Brown, but that ■■■■ is going to ■■■■ me off. That is next level staging.


There is nothing to suggest you can’t swap a mid for an extra forward or an outside mid for an inside one.

We are currently playing two rucks even though one is masquerading as a forward.

Richmond won a flag with just one key forward.

You can roll with any types of players you like.


We’re going to lose our brains at the free kicks Ben Brown is going to be getting all fkn game arent we?


If history is correct, the umpires wont be paying him any free kicks because they think he stages for everything


Yep - normally highlighting staging would result in less help from the umps but not against us.


I’m going to boo him everytime he goes near it to voice my disapproval of his cheating.


I wish BJ would also call out the standard of umpiring we routinely receive.


I was saying Sideshow BOOOOOOOOb


Of course you can.,
You can also play 22 ruckmen, if you had them. The question though is - how does that not change the balance?