Changes you’d like for the Country Cats

Ok, ANZAC day’s over so it’s time to get down to the changes required for the Cats.

After their performances yesterday you would have to say Myers is gone (never to re-appear) and Smith might be in doubt. Looks like RAZ will take one possy with Langford the other?

Interestingly Harves said on radio pre game that they would have considered playing all of Clark, Belly and JD had the former been fit. Is there a place for three giraffes in the side?

Smith is a giraffe?

Seriously, In: louder boos when Selwood cheats


Wait for the VFL game, I want a few of those to firmly put their hands up.

Oops - my bad. Mean’t Clark

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I want Langford to dominate this game and demand Myers’ spot

I want Francis to dominate and make it hard for the selectors. He needs to be playing AFL. Redman/Ridley/McKenna - one of them to a wing to free up a spot for Francis

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Mitch Brown has a wrist injury I believe, Francis to come in?

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Correct, especially since we don’t even know injury status yet.

Seeya all here at 5pm Saturday.

Stops car on way home to re-open thread.

I’ll let those who didn’t watch today’s game comment first.


■■■■ it, go back to the latter part of sheedies days and play 3 ruckman .

In Draper, Fantasia
Out Brown, Mr Unlucky

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In Draper, Begley (if Smith doesn;t make it) and Raz
Out Brown (inj) Myers (past it) and probably Smith too.

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As much as i’d love Draper to come in i still doubt they’re gonna bring him in.

In: Raz, Francis
Out: Brown, Parish (if Smith is fit, if not then Smith)

OUT: Myers, Brown
IN: Fantasia, Francis

Myers had another shocker, no room for passengers now.


Smith is cooked.

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Am I missing the part where Draper is promoted to the Senior list?

Was at half the game today, given where he was positioned, is Francis down forward for Brown the likely scenario?


the hot chips getting to you big fella?

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Not necessary any more.

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Out: Brown, Smith, Myers
In: Draper, Fantasia, Begley

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