Changing My Profile "Subtext"

I am trouble finding how to change the sub-text that goes with my Profile Name.
At the moment it is “Redemption 2014” and I wish to change this. Any ideas how I can do this?


Can’t help you.
Never been tempted to change mine. :wink:

PM Mendozza.

They came in from old blitz but weirdly Vanilla doesn’t support editing them.

I can just remove them from the entire forum if you like?

I have wanted to change mine as well. It made more sense when my profile pic was of Shooter McGavin. Now its just aggressive and weird…

Keep them I reckon Rolo. Adds personality, and I am sure one day we will find out how to edit it

Not fussed keeping or removing it. I only asked as my subtext reads “Redemption 2014” - but allegedly and according to some sources it is 2015.


You can now edit your title in your profile.

Good show sir, another little Vanilla Gremlin bites the dust.

I came to ask If you know that/ or why, the spoiler tags don’t seem to work anymore … not even when quoting??

Or if it was just on my end?

Works for me.

In Lord Rolo we trust.

We shall sacrifice 22 lions for you this weekend in repayment

[spoiler]Works for me.[/spoiler]

Hmm, ok, All good now, … curious.


You can now edit your title in your profile.

Nice work!!!

Anyone got any idea how I change my username?

PM Mendoza

tried that. no response


PM me then.

Is it too soon or too naive to ask what has happened to Andy? He was really helpful back in the day but haven’t seen any posts from him (at least from that username) for years now.

They got to him