Chris Judd to Essendon?

Rumour mill reporting that Juddy may be in line for an Essendon coaching gig? Presumably the last development coaching job?


< insert popcorn image >

If that happens Sheeds would be so happy.
Finally he can say he traded Matthew Lloyd for Chris Judd!

No. No. No. No. Nope.

No. No. No. No. Nope.

Why not?
One of the best midfielders of his time. The only time Carlton have made finals is when he’s been there. He made Gibbs and Murphy look better than they do now when he was in their midfield.
He also probably gets along well with McKenna and Worsfold.

I wonder who else applied for the development role.

so out with jimmys boys, in with wooshas

boyz club

Why isn’t Fletch going for this development coaching job? Or Chappy?

Well, it’s a step up from “Akermanis to Essendon?”

Wouldn’t mind that at all.

Oh my!

May have been a player but comes across as inarticulate.

Gifted footballers often do not make the best coaches: they can’t teach people what they can do naturally. History shows it is the blokes who have had to work hard at their game and learn things that they can pass on are more likely succeed.

Having said that, I don’t object to him coming to us. Would he still want his payments in brown paper bags?

trust in Woosha

I’d rather see Aker appointed CEO and handstand coach than ever see sanctimonious ‘Juddy’ in an Essendon polo.

I’ll have a celebratory chicken wing on his appointment.


What a classic. Blitz as we know all hate Judd but seemingly not as much as Aker.

In reality Juddy would be epic as a development coach however. Premiership player, brownlow medallist, captain of two clubs. Our young midfielders would be greatly assisted by having him there.

And he is an AFL lovechild so will only help to keep those fkrs off our back.

As long as he doesn’t bring the blue drink.

Well, we missed out on Akermanis.
Judd would be the obvious next choice.
Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark me.

Seriously, can someone out the person making these calls?

May have been a player but comes across as inarticulate.

Pot, kettle, black