CJohns goes Solo Podcast to review Essendon v Adelaide game

With friend Grant away overseas I go solo with a review of the thrilling Adelaide win last night on the @LunchCatchUp Podcast. I discuss for 30 mins the negative and postives of the game and go through each players


Good stuff mate.

Thanks for that

Love your work

Appreciate it. Was a bit weird doing it alone but hopefully came across ok

We were about to having a fight over conor’s contribution to the game until you corrected yourself.

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Hey, that was awesome, is there a way to subscribe or do I just keep checking on blitz?

I downloaded the SC app but maybe if I register properly I will see that option.

Love the passion and excitement as you talk about Smith, McGrath etc, I totally get it!

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it shows up in podcast feeds if you’ve got an app just search for it.

on android pocketcasts (paid)/ podcast addict (free) are usually the go.

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Yeh you can easily find us and subscibe by searching “lunchtime catch up” We are on Itunes and soundcloud

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Cool, all sorted.

It’s like that most of the time, trust me though, it always sounds better " out there’’ than it does ’ in there’. Thanks for the good work.

Thanks for that. Here’s hoping I can review a Freo win soon

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