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Class of '09 starting to shine in Player Ratings
Where is
Jake Melksham, Jake Carlisle and Travis Colyer at?

They’re not there so to say.

But interesting to see that we have 3 players that are ideally the key to our future in our best 22 from that draft.

Pretty ■■■■■■■ successful draft year I’d say.

Melksham - Has shown the goods especially as an aggressive attacking midfielder. Probably a bit behind on the defensive side of things and still needing to develop there. Has also been held back a bit by a recent free agency policy of bringing in Chapman, Cooney and Goddard. Adding elite veteran depth has pushed him to the forward flank or into developmental time as a run with midfielder which might be learning experience but also forces him into roles outside his comfort zone. Still, his top form solidifies best 22 status and while up and down he does put stretches of consistent football together, good half a season here and there, especially when able to play on the ball and attack hard. I think it’s only a matter of time and experience to see talent solidify into consistent performance over the second half of his career.

Carlisle - Considered one of the more impressive tall prospects in the league. Has shown an ability to dominate games as a half back and an as yet less practiced and less frequent ability to take a game apart in the forward line. Has been asked to play key roles in the team and is not yet at peak age for a genuine tall. Still has plenty of development and has maybe been held back by niggling back injuries which so far have seen him only get patches where he seems at peak fitness. When he is fully fit seems to have much greater athleticism and skill for a big man which counters his lack of speed. Will be the pick of the bunch if reaches potential.

Colyer - Showed a knack to hit a ball at pace around packs right from the start but had problems showing the same timing at speed when disposing of the football. With maturity and experience has come the composure to really execute his kicks and make his pace the weapon it should be. I’m loving the confidence I now have that when crosses the fifty at pace he is going to slot the goal on the run. Has really become one of safest kicks at goal which shows an impressive ethic to work on flaws and develop his game.

Really these picks show the reasons Dodoro is having a bit of a renaissance as a recruiter, picking guys with useful weapons and getting them without sure thing top five picks but finding the guys with the temperament to develop and improve into the players we need.

Don’t forget Howlett and Mark Williams

■■■■ Mark Williams

3 best 22 players and 4 if you include Howlett, in one draft is pretty good.

And Cramers. 5 decent to good AFL players and a couple who were close but not quite.