Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

Does that include coal seam fracking, which IIRC has increased.

Gas extraction is increasing, including coal seam fracking. In the short term it provides a lower carbon alternative to coal for electricity generation. Europe is heavily importing this energy source from the US.

In the medium term gas plants will provide a niche role filling gaps in intermittent renewables. Europe and Australia are building these gas peaking plants, I’m sure the USA is too.

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In part politically driven by alternatives to Venezuelan and Russian oil?

Gas and oil are two mostly separate commodities. You get a little bit of crossover between them, but not much.

Russian gas is the cheapest energy source for Europe currently, but that’s impossible in the current climate. The USA has built a lot of LNG terminals to take advantage of that market opening. Coal seam fracking is providing much of the gas to that export stream, but it was kicking along strongly before the international situation went to hell.

So not a huge link to oil.

You have high standards for confirmation, sometimes.


The stepping up in coal seam fracking coincided with a downturn in the Venezuelan economy as its revenue from oil prices dipped.

Ok. Fracking for oil led to the pricing collapse you describe, but that’s generally from shale or other rock. As the technology matured it brought online a huge amount of extra oil production in the US.

Coal seams contain mostly gas, still using a bit of fracking. Hence why I was going down the gas train of thought.

I think most of the US production is pretty baked in these days. The gas demand from Europe is a huge opportunity for producers, but I don’t know of anything big in the oil space. But I’d be guessing here.

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The best comparative charts of countries are those energy charts showing renewables ( including wind and nuclear) and non renewables ( coal, gas and oil) .
External politics and internal politics (including agriculture, access to EVs) can all too easily disrupt programs for achieving renewables.


You are so easy to suck in.

He doesn’t read anything


Not true

Was there supposed to be a reading list after that?

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The Age

Power outage

State’s blackout crisis is rooted in a decade of Coalition inaction

The Loy Yang A power plant was shut down this week, throwing Victoria’s energy grid into crisis.

These mass outages would have been avoided, or their impact dramatically reduced with a shortened recovery period, if we’d had large-scale investment in transitioning the electricity grid to renewables.


When you have a single source of failure, it will eventually fail.

But we are definitely rushing the transition in an hysterical panic which is resulting in, um, costs to our way of life…?

Funny if it wasn’t so not funny.

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It only sounds bad if you use facts.

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A small modular nuclear reactor would have solved this!!!

…. In 35 years’ time

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By modular reactor you mean submarine? So 40 years.